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Roland Xc-540 Printer Drivers [PORTABLE]

lipstick tools are packaged in a single unit directly on the xc-540. each tool allows you to perfectly match existing colours and the lipstick is also available as a single piece or in a kit with the supplied colour markers.

roland xc-540 printer drivers

Download File:

for the first time on the printer market, the xc-540 comes standard with a 2.5" screen. in addition to displaying navigation menus and the xc-540 operation program, the 2.5" display can also be used as a color measurement device with a colorimeter and a three-level metering system.

roland is a global leader in the high-end graphics business and this is reflected in the xc-540 with its latest communication technologies and innovative rip technology. the latest and most advanced printing technology, the roland xc-540 can print on so many different surfaces making the most of the new top surface option available, including vinyl, canvas, fabric, metal, bamboo and wood. as with all new roland printmachines, the only consumables you need to purchase are the ink cartridge, the 2.5" screen, and the accessory cartridge.

the xc-540 features revolutionary print technology that helps you to get the best out of each impression. all adjustments to the printer and individual print settings are made with one single knob. the ergonomic, finger-free design is implemented in the touch screen and perfects easy use of the intuitive control software. all the settings can be adjusted through the control panel or directly from the software program. every setting can be adjusted on the fly without any loss of quality. all settings can also be saved to a user-specific print settings file. making changes to print settings will not trigger any print media consumption. a print memory function allows the user to adjust a setting once and then bring it back to the same setting whenever they wish. the print memory function can also be saved to a user-specific print settings file. the xc-540 has an intelligent system for detecting the type of vinyl it is printing on and delivers the best colour results.


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