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Allah Ke Banday In Hindi Dubbed 720p

Allah Ke Banday In Hindi Dubbed 720p --->>>

Allah Ke Banday In Hindi Dubbed 720p

Allah Ke Banday: A Hindi Dubbed Action Movie That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Allah Ke Banday is a 2010 Hindi movie that tells the story of two boys who grow up in the slums of India and become involved in the mafia world. The movie was directed by Faruk Kabir and starred Sharman Joshi, Naseeruddin Shah, Faruk Kabir, Ajaz Khan, Atul Kulkarni, Anjana Sukhani, Rukhsar, Zakir Hussain, Saksham Kulkarni, Suhasini Mulay and Vikram Gokhale.

The movie was dubbed in Hindi and released on YouTube by various channels such as Filmy Mela[^1^] and Hindi Films[^2^]. The movie has received over 16 million views and 88 thousand views respectively on these channels. The movie is available in 720p quality for a better viewing experience.

The movie follows the lives of Vijay and Yakub, two 12-year-old boys who live in the slums of Mumbai. They are lured into the world of crime by a transvestite friend who helps them deliver drugs and loot people. They are soon arrested and sent to a juvenile reformatory after being falsely accused of a murder. There, they face brutal torture and abuse by the warden and senior inmates. Instead of reforming, they develop a more sinister plan to gain power and revenge. They escape from the reformatory and become ruthless gangsters who rule the underworld. However, their past catches up with them when they encounter an old friend who tries to redeem them.

Allah Ke Banday is a gripping action movie that explores the themes of poverty, crime, violence, friendship, redemption and justice. The movie has been praised for its realistic portrayal of the slum life and the mafia world. The movie also features some powerful performances by the lead actors, especially Sharman Joshi and Naseeruddin Shah. The movie has some thrilling action sequences and a catchy soundtrack that adds to the mood of the movie.

If you are looking for a Hindi dubbed action movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then Allah Ke Banday is a must-watch. You can watch the full movie on YouTube by clicking on one of the links below:

Allah Ke Bandey Sharman Joshi Hindi Dubbed Action Movie - Filmy Mela

Allah Ke Bandey - Dubbed Full Movie Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie HD - Hindi Films

The movie has received mixed reviews from the critics and the audience. Some have appreciated the movie for its gritty and dark portrayal of the slum life and the mafia world, while others have found it too violent and depressing. The movie has been rated 3.5/5 by The Times of India[^2^] and 2/5 by The Indian Express[^1^]. The movie has a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on one review[^3^].

The movie also faced some controversy before its release. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) objected to some scenes and dialogues in the movie that they deemed offensive to religious sentiments. The CBFC asked the makers to change the title of the movie from Allah Ke Banday to Allah Ke Bandey and also to delete some scenes and mute some words. The makers complied with the CBFC's demands and released the movie with a U/A certificate.

Allah Ke Banday is a movie that does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of life in the slums and the underworld. It is a movie that challenges the viewers to think about the causes and consequences of crime and violence in society. It is a movie that asks whether there is any hope for redemption for those who have lost their innocence and humanity. It is a movie that deserves to be watched by those who are interested in realistic and hard-hitting cinema. 248dff8e21


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