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Where Can I Buy Garage Door Struts

Garage door struts stiffen door sections to prevent them from bending or breaking. They also allow the door to open and close smoothly. If the sections are not rigid, the garage door will bind as it opens and closes.

where can i buy garage door struts

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Residential single car doors typically do not need struts unless it is a steel door that is motor-operated. On these a strut across the top section is recommended to prevent the top of the door from bending if the opener force is not adjusted properly.

Doors over 10 feet wide usually have at least one strut across the top of the top section. A 16' wood door requires at least three struts, but steel doors often need only one. On double wide doors made of 25 or 26 gauge steel we recommend three struts, one across the tops of the bottom and top sections, and one in the middle of the door centered between the other two struts.

When adding struts to your door it is important to factor the additional weight. Two inch struts weigh about 10 ounces per foot. If you add over 20 pounds of struts to your door, we recommend replacing your springs. Otherwise, the extra weight will shorten the life of your garage door opener.

Garage door struts for eight and nine foot wide doors can ship by FedEx or UPS, but longer struts will not. These would need to ship over the road. With crating the cost for a single 16' strut can cost $200-$300, so we don't recommend that as an option. A better option for doors over nine feet wide is to order shorter struts and connect them with one of our strut junction kits listed below. You can also watch our video for assembling the kits. For local pickups we do stock the 16 foot 2 1/4" struts and the 18 foot 3" struts. You'll want to make sure you have a way to transport the long struts without damaging them or your vehicle.

Struts frequently bend when an opener lifts a 16 foot steel door that has a broken spring. This will often leave a one to three inch gap in the center of the top section. These struts can be straightened by locking the door, removing the strut, and straightening it. You will then need to straighten the top section and reinstall the strut.

Garage door struts stiffen sections of the door to prevent them from bending or breaking. Struts help make each section/panel rigid so the door will open and close smoothly. If the sections are not rigid, your garage door will bend as it opens and closes

Preventing wind damage Adding several struts to a door located in an area frequently under threat of hurricanes is never a bad idea. Before adding multiple struts, always check the weight of your door.

To extend the life of your door, a 22 gauge or thicker galvanized steel strut is your best option. You can contact a local professional garage door repair company and have them install a one-piece 16 or 18-foot long strut. The price will range from $200 to $400 depending on who you call. If you have a Menards close by and the means to get a 16-foot strut home safely, that is an option. If you have a power drill, this is a relatively easy D.I.Y. job. For around $100, you can extend the life of your garage door for several years.

A. 7/16 is the universal size on all American made garage doors. Therefore you will need a 7/16 driver bit to remove the screws from the top bracket to install your brackets underneath the Strut and reuse the screws.

A garage door strut is a metal piece designed to provide horizontal strength and rigidity to a garage door panel. Many doors come standard with a strut across the top panel of the garage door. This strut when across the top section helps to support the door during opening and closing using a electric garage door opener.

Many times we go out on calls because a garage door is sagging or bent. This can be caused by many things including hitting the garage door with your car. In some cases we can install a strut to straighten and support the damaged garage door section. With the strut installed properly the garage door will function smoothly without any sagging or binding.

If the panel is severely damaged or has tears in the steel, many times it is better to replace the garage door section if manufacturer and model numbers can be determined, and the section is still available. There are usually stickers on the sides of the garage door that list manufacturer and model number. If these stickers are not available, it can be difficult to identify manufacturer and model number. Sometimes garage door service companies can identify the manufacturer and model number even if the stickers are not available.

If you are adding a strut it is important to check the garage door balance. Adding a strut to a garage door is adding weight to a garage door, with the added weight you may need to adjust or replace the spring(s) to accommodate for the added weight.

When a garage door has been damaged a requires a strut to provide the needed rigidity and structural support to a section, it is always a temporary fix and eventually the panel will fail. Depending on the amount of damage a strut can be a good option and the garage door can last many more years. If the garage door is more severely damaged, the strut may only add a short amount of time before the section fails. It is important to consider the length of time being added to the garage door when deciding between a strut and a new section or door.

A garage door strut is an extruded piece of metal to form a C-channel. And is cut slightly shorter than garage door width. It is used for reinforcing the garage door and to prevent the panels on the door from bending or sagging, as the opener pulls on the top panel to open the garage door. Struts will strengthen the door and help prevent damage from wind, however if you live in an area susceptible to high winds, reinforce with extra struts.

Most manufactures do not require a strut on any door up to 14ft (in width). Anything above 14ft must have at least one strut. The more struts you have on the garage door the stronger it will be. Any garage door that has an opener is required to have a strut on the top panel. The top panel is the weakest point. If you do not reinforce the door, it will damage the top section in a short period of time. The struts also help to prevent wind damage, the larger the door the more susceptible the door is to wind damage.

First you will need to make sure the garage door in down, then, disconnect the opener that is plugged in on the celling close to the opener. Then, you will need to engage the slide lock (the lock on the door which slides into the tracks of the door to prevent it from opening). Remove the screws securing the top edge of the strut working toward the middle of the strut starting from each end. Then repeat previous step for the bottom. Next, remove the center screws while firmly holding the strut so it cannot fall and pull it away from the door. Screw the new strut in place starting with the center of the strut.

If your garage door is composed of steel or aluminum as most typically are (aluminum is more prone to denting due to its lack of durability), you may not have to replace it after backing your car into it!

Take a moment to evaluate the extent of the damage done. Run the garage door through a couple of cycles (opening and closing) to determine whether it is capable of running smoothly or not. If the damage is not too substantial, you may be able to fix the door by adding steel struts, which are reinforcements installed on the back of the door.

Steel struts prevent the door from bowing and, in turn, disrupt its cycle. This is a simple and remarkably cost-effective alternative to replacing the door or even a single panel when not necessary. This will not resolve aesthetic-based issues, so those of us who cannot stand to look at a damaged door without cringing may feel obliged to purchase a replacement for the damaged portion of the door.

Fixing your garage door dent can be as seamless as swapping out panels. We recommend contacting your original garage door installer to see if your make and style are available. Then, have a technician visit your property to assess the damage. A professional should be able to complete a replacement job in just a few hours.

If you are the proud owner of a lavish wooden or fiberglass garage door and have undergone the misfortune of backing your car into it, you may not possess the option of fixing the door. Whether or not you are able to add reinforcements to the door is wholly dependent on the extent of the damage, which you can either determine yourself or with the assistance of a professional.

A garage door inspection will give you insight into the condition of the tracks, torsion and extension springs, and support cables. Remember that garage door systems handle an incredible amount of weight and tension.

Every policy is different. You may decide to call your home and auto insurance agent after running into your garage door. You should read up on your current policy to see what types of accidents are covered.

If you or a family member back into the garage, sending photographs of the accident will help you file a claim. In the event that someone else hits your garage door, their insurance is responsible for your repairs. Acts of vandalism or theft may require you to file a police report.

As garage doors are usually the widest opening in buildings, they are extremely vulnerable in high winds. The US EPA (Environment Protection Agency) states that the intensity of hurricanes will increase as global warming continues to raise the temperatures of our oceans. Therefore, it makes sense to reinforce garage doors to prevent any potential damage.

If you live in an area prone to strong winds and hurricanes, speaking with an expert about how to adequately reinforce your garage door is of the utmost importance. We know garage doors better than anyone, and really are the best people to advise you, call us today at 603-833-7135, or come down to our showroom to speak to a member of staff in person. If you prefer, you can also send us a request for an online quote. 041b061a72


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