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Rocscience Slide 7.0 Full

RocData is a flexible toolkit that allows you to analyze rock and soil strength data and determine strength envelopes. Dips allow for interactive analysis of orientation based geological data. There are many options available, including the ability to design at both 2D and 3D levels. Settle3D can be used to analyze vertical settlement and settlement under foundations and embankments. Slide3 is for civil engineers. Slide3 allows you to create and analyze models that are impossible to fully simulate with 2D programs. All software and resources found in the directory belong to their respective authors. You agree to take sole responsibility for any decisions you make regarding downloading or using any software.

Rocscience Slide 7.0 Full

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The slide is the most complete slope stability analysis software. It includes rapid drawdown, finite element groundwater seepage analysis as well as probabilistic and sensitivity analysis. You can analyze all types of soil and rock slopes as well as embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls. The latest CAD capabilities make it easy to create and modify complex models. The slide is the only slope stability program that includes a finite element groundwater seepage analysis to determine whether steady or transient conditions are being met.

The rock shape can have a number of effects. Shapes introduce eccentricity/moment arm from the centre of mass (COM) to the contact point. Depending on the impact geometry, angular velocity can be introduced upon impact. Shapes also affect where the rock impacts the slope, as illustrated in the following figure. The trajectory of the rock that has shape (on the right) would be affected by the wall. Shapes can also affect whether the rock can slide or roll. Sliding, toppling, or rolling can be observed in a rock with shape, whereas a rock modelled as a point in lump mass analysis can only slide.

For a fully Coupled analysis based on Biot theory, you must first enable Transient Groundwater in Project Settings. Then you can choose the Coupled Solid-Fluid analysis option. This is used for time-dependent consolidation analysis problems, in which changes in pore pressure can affect deformation and changes in loading or deformation can affect pore pressure.

Get full flexibility in the definition of your anisotropic material. Assign any material strength type as a joint or base. Define an angle range for anisotropy or assign one or multiple anisotropic surfaces to the same material.


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