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FlanJet V1.0 !!INSTALL!!


FlanJet V1.0 !!INSTALL!!

`FlanJet v1.0: A New Flanger Effect with Manual Jet or LFO for VirtualDJ`

`If you are looking for a new flanger effect to spice up your mixes, you might want to check out FlanJet v1.0, a new plugin created by TexZK for VirtualDJ. FlanJet v1.0 is a flanger effect with manual jet or LFO, which means you can control the intensity and speed of the flanging effect with a simple switch or a slider. FlanJet v1.0 also features feedback, delay depth, LFO length, base delay and stereo effect sliders, as well as quantizable LFO and additive or subtractive feedback modes.`

`FlanJet v1.0 is compatible with VirtualDJ 8 and above, and it can be downloaded for free from the VirtualDJ addons page[^1^]. To install it, just unzip the file and copy the .dll file to your VirtualDJ plugins folder. You might need to update your system libraries in order to make it work properly[^1^]. FlanJet v1.0 is a great addition to your VirtualDJ effects arsenal, as it can create a wide range of flanging sounds, from subtle to extreme, depending on your settings and preferences.`

`FlanJet v1.0 is not the first flanger effect created by TexZK, who is also the author of other popular plugins such as High Quality Flanger v2, EchoOut v2 and ReverbOut v2. TexZK is a PRO Infinity member of VirtualDJ since 2005, and he has been developing plugins for VirtualDJ using his own audio library[^2^]. He says that FlanJet v1.0 is a brand new flanger, completely rewritten from scratch, that sounds exactly like a flanger in other DAWs, with real feedback control[^2^].`

`If you want to learn more about FlanJet v1.0, you can visit the VirtualDJ forums[^2^], where TexZK and other users have posted their feedback and suggestions about the plugin. You can also watch some videos of FlanJet v1.0 in action on YouTube or Coub[^3^]. FlanJet v1.0 is a versatile and powerful flanger effect that can enhance your mixes with a touch of jet or LFO. Try it out today and let us know what you think!`

`FlanJet v1.0 is not the only flanger effect available for VirtualDJ. There are other plugins that offer similar or different features, such as Flanger v1.0, Flanger v2.0, Flanger v3.0, Flanger v4.0, Flanger v5.0 and Flanger v6.0, which are all built-in effects that come with VirtualDJ. There are also third-party plugins such as FlanChorus v1.0, FlanDelay v1.0 and FlanSweep v1.0, which combine flanging with chorus, delay and filter effects respectively.`

`Flanging is a sound effect that occurs when two identical signals are mixed together, with one signal slightly delayed or modulated by a low-frequency oscillator (LFO). This creates a comb filter effect that produces a sweeping sound that varies in pitch and phase. Flanging is often used to create a psychedelic or spacey sound on guitars, vocals, drums and other instruments.`

`Flanging was originally created in the 1960s by recording engineers who manually manipulated two tape machines playing the same track in sync. By slightly varying the speed of one tape machine, they created the flanging effect. The term "flanging" comes from the act of pressing a finger on the flange or rim of one of the tape reels to slow it down.`

`Today, flanging can be easily achieved with digital effects processors or plugins such as FlanJet v1.0. FlanJet v1.0 allows you to control various parameters of the flanging effect, such as feedback, delay depth, LFO length, base delay and stereo effect. You can also switch between manual jet or LFO mode, which gives you more flexibility and creativity in applying the effect.` 061ffe29dd


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