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Vellum 3.4.2

The manuscript is of vellum, its quires constructed hair side out. Fols. i + 93, with two paper leaves from a printed book pasted to the stub of fol. i (see further Binding). The foliation was imposed by the hand usual in many Bodleian books, probably Henry O. Coxe, librarian in the 1840s. There is a second and equivalent foliation in the lower corners, perhaps s. xvi (but after c. 1540), more likely s. xvii. Overall 270 mm x 190 mm (writing area 225 mm x 125 mm). About forty-five long lines, but as many as fifty, to the page. Partial marginal prickings appear in lower halves of fols. 48r and 55r and impressions of prickings on fol. 56r, otherwise all cut away; bounded and ruled in brown ink, often rather sloppily, the rules both to and across the bounds. Page rules run all the way to the margins for the top and bottom lines, and a double bounding line on the left sets off a column 8-9 mm wide to accommodate an offset littera notabilior at the head of each line.

Vellum 3.4.2


The binding is brown calf over millboards, s. xvii, with Laud's arms goldstamped on both boards.NFor images of the exterior and interior front and back boards, click on the blue superscript "I" icons.I I I I It is sewn on five thongs, apparently cloth and from a modern Bodleian rebacking. The leaves have been awkwardly planed, with some fragments partly separated from the pages but intact, and a pronounced slant from the spine (where the leaves are typically 275 mm high) toward the leading edge at both head and foot. At the front appears a single vellum flyleaf (fol. i), followed by its stub.I This leaf, perhaps the remains of a pre-Laudian binding, has been used at least twice as a wrapper, once, as the subscription "rmino sancti Michaelis Anno x" upside down along the upper edge indicates, for a legal book; a second time, given a horizontal crease at the middle of the leaf, for a book in octavo. The manuscript, particularly soiled at its ends, may have been unbound for a protracted period. Two modern paper leaves (fols. ii-iii)I I I I have been pasted to the stub of fol. i, with proof(?) pages of Skeat's description of the manuscript;NWalter W. Skeat, ed. The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman together with Vita de Dowel, Dobet, et Dobest, Secundum Wit and Resoun by William Langland: Part II. The "Crowley" Text; or Text B. EETS OS 38 (London, 1869), pp. vii-x, with the head of the entry on p. vi pasted to the first of these. marginal notes critical of Skeat's views were added by E. W. B. Nicholson, Bodley's Librarian in the 1880s.I I The final extant leaf (fol. 93) has been used as a pastedown, probably in a binding of s. xvi, given fragments of printed material pasted to the page.I I

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