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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PLUGIN ARCHIVE AVAILABILITY : due to the large amount of plugins supported, it is NOT affordable for us to update packages. Please use the Source Control urls to our github to get plugins archives.


VMoodle provides an infrastructure to virtualize moodle getting many platforms running on the same codebase. VMoodle can register moodle "templates", as a complete snaphsot of a preset Moodle and create new moodles from this template in a few clicks.

Important notice: From Moodle 2.8 Upwards, the core implementation of VMoodle has moved to the local VMoodle plugin. This plugin is awaiting approval at this moment. You may find the last code of the plugin in -local_vmoodle repository.

Ну вот Вам понятно, а этим господам непонятно: Andrej Karpathy, Tim Salimans, Jonathan Ho, Peter Chen, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, Greg Brockman & Szymon Sidor.

Dr Premila Gamage, Member of the Regional Division Committee for Asia-Oceania and Dr Basheerhamad Shadrach, Founder of Indian Public Library Movement and the South Asian Chapter of the INELI programme, represented IFLA and travelled to Bangkok in March 2022 to attend the 9th Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD).

A self-sustaining community library, Dawei Millennium Centre, was established in 2007 by five university graduates in the city of Dawei, the capital of Tanintharyi region, Myanmar. The library was founded in the region with the ultimate goal of transforming the community into a knowledgeable and digitally literate society.

Locating LIS schools worldwide is often challenging as there are no global databases currently in existence. The IFLA global database and map of LIS schools and programmes is an international collaborative project launched by the IFLA Building Strong Library and Information Science Education (IFLA-BSLISE) Working Group to address this gap. The global interactive database will be built using data gathered through an online questionnaire to be completed by LIS schools.

We are pleased to present SDG Stories from Asia and Oceania, a booklet which aims to showcase how libraries in the Asia-Oceania region are supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For us in the library sector, it is more important than ever to defend the values we believe in, and which underlie our work to defend freedom of access to information, equitable access for all sectors in society without discrimination, and freedom of expression among the other human rights agreed many decades ago by the international community. 041b061a72


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