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Surah Maryam [BETTER] Full Pdf 323

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it is against the islamic belief to name your daughter maryam (as) because of the verse of the quran, 3:36which says, blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see god. (maryam (as) is not pure of heart because of her dubious character and subsequent betrayal and murder of her husband). one tradition says that maryam (as) was stillborn and was buried at mary's tomb. this tradition is held by many muslims, who also believe that maryam (as) is not mentioned in the quran because allah (swt) had forgotten her as she died before she was born.

allah (swt) has given her three different greetings as well. when she was a baby, allah (swt) called her maryam meaning pure. when she was 12, she was called maryam meaning who gives life. when she was 30, she was called maryam meaning the same thing as above.

allah (swt) has given maryam (as) many interesting signs. one of these, of course, is that of her motherhood. the prophet muhammad (saw) said that maryam (as) is the mother of all the prophets. in surah maryam, allah (swt) has emphasized this by saying: "o jesus, son of mary, take the lead in supplication (dua) to your lord and to his mother; for to your mother you were told: "o mary! you were given the good news of a word from your lord: his name will be the messiah, jesus the son of mary.." (surah maryam: 19-21)

the quran also informs us that the birth of the prophet jesus (alayhi salam) was announced in the previous chapter. in fact, surah maryam opens with the same verse. verse 21 says that jesus, the son of mary, was selected and chosen from amongst the children of israel. jesus is the latest prophet to appear in the quran. he is said to have been born in around the sixth year of the prophethood of muhammad (s.a). this is said to have been revealed to muhammed (s.a) while he was sitting in the cave of medina. jesus was sent to all of mankind, as a messenger of allah (swt). 3d9ccd7d82


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