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Shape3d V8 Cracked

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Shape3d v8 ed: The Ultimate Surfboard Design Software

If you are a surfboard designer, shaper or enthusiast, you probably have heard of Shape3d, the professional tool for surfboard and sailboard conception, from designing to shaping with a CNC machine. But did you know that Shape3d has a new version, Shape3d v8 ed, that offers even more features and improvements than the previous one

In this article, we will review some of the major benefits of using Shape3d v8 ed for your surfboard design projects, and how it can help you create stunning boards with ease and precision.

What is Shape3d v8 ed

Shape3d v8 ed is the latest version of Shape3d, the leading surfboard design software in the industry. It is used by many famous brands and shapers, such as Arakawa, CI, Chilli, JS, Pyzel, Rusty, Sharp Eye, Tokoro, Quatro, Exocet, AHD, Tabou, RRD, Takoon and FOne[^2^].

Shape3d v8 ed allows you to design your own board with a 3D view and a 2D view, and export your files to most of the CAD-CAM software or to more than 400 cutting centers around the world. You can also download more than 10 000 models from the online warehouse[^2^], or import files from other formats such as Aku, DSD, KMS or PBD[^1^].

Shape3d v8 ed has different license options depending on your needs and budget. You can start designing now with the free Lite version[^2^], or upgrade to a paid plan for more advanced functionalities[^2^].

What are the main features of Shape3d v8 ed

Shape3d v8 ed has many new features and improvements compared to the previous version. Here are some of them:

3D layers: add or subtract a shape to the deck or bottom. This allows you to create complex shapes such as channels, concaves or wings[^1^].

Multi-curves edition: design stringer, rail, apex lines and more at the same time. You can also fix a curve to another one to keep the same space between them while modifying the first curve. And design the thickness between the curves directly[^1^].

More measures: get more information about your board dimensions in the Master Scale box. You can also add measurement bars at any position from the tail or nose, or add a new point on a curve at a given position from the tail or nose. You can also see the buoyancy line, the volume repartition and cross sections surface in Design mode to compare with ghost boards[^1^].

Better looking: enjoy a better 3D rendering with antialiasing and improved 3D artwork mapping (deck and bottom). You can also use the new 3D Contour mode that allows you to see the depth of the concave or V on all the bottom[^1^].

Better cut: get a better automatic board positioning in blank and use the Blank Selector system to choose the best blank for your board[^1^].

New file formats: open encrypted Aku files, open DSD files with the rail curve, open KMS (.kms) and Precision Shaper (.pbd) files. You can also export your files in PDF and STL formats[^1^].

How to get started with Shape3d v8 ed

If you want to try Shape3d v8 ed for yourself, you can download it from their official website[^2^]. You will need a PC with Windows 11 to 7, Vista, XP, 98 & NT or NT 2000 with DirectX[^1^], or a Mac with OSX 10.8.0 and later[^1^]. You will also need a display XGA at least (better results with a 1600 061ffe29dd


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