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The Quiet Duel WORK

In 1944, in WWII, Dr. Kyoji Fujisaki (Toshirô Mifune) cuts his finger with the scalpel during a surgery in a field hospital and is infected by spirochete from his patient Susumu Nakada (Kenjiro Uemura). After the blood test, he realizes that he has contracted syphilis, but he does not have the necessary medicine to treat the disease. He advises Nakada to seek medical treatment for his disease. In 1946, after the war, he breaks off his six years engagement with his beloved fiancée Misao Matsumoto (Miki Sanjo) but he does not tell the truth to her to let her go and find another man to get married. The hopeless apprentice nurse Rui Minegishi (Noriko Sengoku) witnesses Kioji injecting Salvarsan to treat his syphilis, and first she misunderstands why the doctor is sick. Later, after discovering the truth about his disease, she changes her behavior and becomes the confident listener of the doctor's inner feelings. When Kyoji accidentally meets Nakada in the police station of his town and finds that his wife is pregnant, he warns the reckless man about the risk of his lack of responsibility to his wife and baby."Shizukanaru Ketto" is a little and quite unknown gem from Master Akira Kurosawa, with a heartbreaking tale about the inner duel between conscience and desire of a pure and good doctor contaminated by a corrupt and dirty patient. Like in "Yoidore Tenshi" ("Drunken Angel") from the previous year, the story may be also interpreted in a metaphoric sense that reflects the moment of after-war society in Japan, where "a pure man is contaminated by the dirtiness and only three, five or ten years later he will be healed after a long treatment". The strong code of honor of Japanese people in the 40's explains the shame that would be for Dr. Fyoji to disclose that he had the dishonored syphilis. His sacrifice, hiding the truth from Misao, to give a chance to his twenty-seven year-old fiancée to find another husband is awesome. But the emotional scene when Kyoji discloses his feelings to Minegishi made my eyes wet, and is one of the most heartbreaking dialogs I have seen in a classic movie. Last but not the least; the story never becomes a melodramatic soap-opera due to the superb direction of Mr. Kurosawa. My vote is nine.Title (Brazil): "Duelo Silencioso" ("Silent Duel")

The Quiet Duel

The Quiet Duel, 1949. Directed by Akira Kurosawa. Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Miki Sanjo, Kenjiro Uemura, Noriko Sengoko. Synopsis: In the closing days of WW II, Doctor Koji Fujisaka contracts syphillis while operating on a wounded soldier. When he returns home, he finds that he must reject the woman he was planning to marry and treat his illness in secret while working in his father's charity clinic. His outward demeanor is of a paragon of virtue, but one of the nurses discovers his illness and shames him without knowing the details. When the man who infected him surfaces with a pregnant wife, Dr. Fujisaka's quiet duel with his own conscience comes to a head.

After being defeated by Venom Snake in Afghanistan following a tense sniper duel, Quiet became a prisoner at Mother Base until she was allowed to accompany Venom Snake on missions as a buddy. Her weapons included two lethal sniper rifles nicknamed Wicked Butterfly and Sinful Butterfly as well as the non-lethal Guilty Butterfly.

In 1984, Skull Face had Quiet deployed to Afghanistan where she was tasked with eliminating Soviet officers who were against the development of Metal Gear Sahelanthropus. She eventually caught sight of Venom Snake and proceeded to open fire on him, initiating a duel. Although Kazuhira Miller wanted her dead due to being a Cipher agent, Venom Snake, after defeating her in the duel, ultimately decided to apprehend her and bring her back to Mother Base at Ocelot's suggestion.

Her initial departure can be prevented, if the player uses the Butterfly Emblem, preventing the mission from starting. It does not bring her back after the mission is completed. The player can also choose to kill Quiet after the sniper duel instead of recruiting her, though recruiting her is the canonical choice.

More often than not, loneliness is a bitter experience. Take a former steel worker called Georges. He felt lost after he retired. Instead of enjoying what might have been a quiet country life, Georges ended up locking himself in a small studio pounding at steel all day in a useless attempt to resume his old way of life.

Also feeling unaccustomed to a quiet life in the country, he did not confine himself to a small space but chose something much larger. Andre became obsessively interested in the universe and human evolution. He resorted to something unreachable and abstract to try to forget the miseries brought by ruthless reality.

Macon, Georgia-- A tight pitcher's duel was the story in Michigan State's second game of the Mercer Bears Classic, as the Spartans fell to host Mercer 1-0. Michigan State falls to 13-11 on the season, while Mercer improves to 16-13 overall.

MSU had two of its four hits in the first inning, as Alyssa McBride reached on a bunt single followed by a single to right by Lea Foerster. .However, MSU's bats were quiet over the balance of the game, save for singles by Shanin Thomas in the top of the fourth and Sydney Heath to lead off the fifth.

Sixth, and Seventh Michigan Cavalry, and Pennington's battery, U. S. Horse Artillery, reached the same place at 10 p. m. the same day. At daylight on the morning of the 30th, division marched to find the enemy. We reached Hanover at 10 p. m., and, while passing through the town(the Second Brigade in advance), the First Brigade(General Farnsworth) was attacked in flank and rear by the Confederate cavalry under Stuart. Some confusion ensued. The attack was determined and fierce. The main and side stress swarmed with rebel cavalry. The Eighteenth Pennsylvania was routed, but the gallant Farnsworth had passed from front to rear ere the shout of the rebel charge had ceased to ring through the quiet street, faced the Fifth New York about, countermarched the other regiments, and with a rush and blow struck the rebel hosts in full charge. For a moment, and a moment only, victory hung uncertain. For the first time our troops had met the foe in close contact; but they were on their own free soil; fair hands, regardless of the dangerous strife, waved them on, and bright, tearful eyes looked pleasingly out from every window. The brave Farnsworth made one great effort, and the day was won. The foe turned and field. He had for the first and last time polluted with his presence the loyal town of Hanover. General Custer's brigade had now returned, and to save the town I moved first to its left and afterward to its right. The main streets were barricaded and held by our troops and the citizen, who gallantly volunteered to defend their homes. After an artillery duel of gave way, and we formed a junction with the main army, from which we had been 041b061a72


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