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Telangana History

The history of railways in this region dates back to the time of Nizam of Hyderabad in 1874. The Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway, which had its beginnings in a line built privately by the HEH the Nizam. Much to the dismay of the British authorities, The Nizam bore all the expenses for the construction of the line.[104]

telangana history


This is situated between the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna over an area of about 800 sq. miles. After the fall of the Warangal Andhra dynasty in the 14th century, Gadwal transferred its allegiance to the new Bahmani kingdom. According to the family history, Pedda Veera Reddy, Peddanna Bhupaludu, Sarga Reddy, Veera Reddy and Kumara Veera Reddy ruled Gadwal between 1553 and 1704.

Medieval telanagana history can be taken to be ended with the sepoy mutiny of 1857. With this, princely states (largest being the Hyderabad state) were taken under the Crowns paramountcy with considerable on the administration, social contacts, nationalism, education, economic development by the British India.

Telangana has a really rich and vibrant history and it was part of the Mauryan Empire until the rise of the Satavahanas in 230 BC and this empire lasted till 220 AD. This empire extended from the west to the east coast which covers modern day Maharashtra, Telangana, Northern Karnataka, some parts of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

Telangana then became a part of Vakataka Dynasty, which also ruled present day Andhra Pradesh. This dynasty lasted from 250 A.D. to 500 A.D. they even ruled present day Indian states such as Gujarat and Chhattisgarh. Then Telangana came under the rule of Chalukya Dynasty from 543 A.D. to 753 A.D. The history of Telangana then shifts to the Kakatiya Dynasty which lasted from 1083 A.D. to 1323 A.D. Historians have found a few inscriptions of the Kakatiyas in the Gutur district of Andhra Pradesh. By closely reading these inscriptions it could be seen that that the Kakatiyas were famous as they belonged to the solar race kings.

The Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation was established which would promote tourism in Telangana. The state is rich with historic and cultural heritage. The dynasties which ruled over Telangana are one of the reasons why the state has such a vibrant history and the ancient architecture can be attributed to that. There are many famous monuments such as Charminar, Golconda Fort, Bhongir Fort, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Paigah Tombs and Kakatiya Kala Thoranam which are part of Telangana's tourist attractions.

A known case of hypertension and recent onset diabetes presented to our neurological clinic with symptoms of ataxia, rigidity, and tremors. His symptoms were of relatively recent onset. He gave no history of any renal disease in past. The magnetic resonance imaging of the brain done by the neurologist was suggestive of demyelinating pathology. His renal functions showed progressive deterioration (Cr 1.4 mg/dl about 3 months back to 2.2 mg/dl at present) along with the onset of his neurological illness. An extensive work up for autoimmune encephalitis and paraneoplastic syndrome was noncontributory. A toxicology screen revealed high levels of aluminum in the blood. A renal biopsy showed features of interstitial nephritis and predominant vacuolar injury of the proximal tubule (suggestive of toxic injury.) On further questioning, the patient gave history of using an over the counter native medication. The medication was stopped and weekly desferrioxime chelation advised. A short course of steroids (0.5 mg/kg/day tapering dose for 6 weeks) was also given. The creatinine stabilized to 1.3 mg/dl on follow-up after 3 months. The neurological symptoms also resolved completely.

I declared on the day of inception of the TRS that statehood for Telangana will be achieved only by translating the demand into a political force and through the political process. Our third anniversary rally in 2003 saw the biggest turnout in the history of Andhra Pradesh. That moment, the Congress started talking about Telangana. It started printing Telangana's map on its flag and its leaders started claiming that the Congress alone would be able to ensure statehood for Telangana. Since (Telugu Desam Party) Chandrababu Naidu [Images] was the first stumbling block, we had to join hands with the Congress to finish him off in the 2004 elections. After winning, the Congress showed its true colours. A week ago, they said the second States Reorganisation Commission was in the offing. Then they said it was not necessary. It shows their muddle-headedness. Our responsibility is to bring clarity in the minds of the people about the Congress' deceit so that they are able to give a clear verdict based on the actions of the political parties.

We need to use all possible methods to create a polarised movement. Our resignations will bring multi-dimensional benefits to the cause of Telangana. People always adore and worship sacrifice. It is going to be yet-another sacrifice, unparalleled in the history of Telangana. All Telanganaites, irrespective of political affiliations, will unite at a peak point, for which these resignations will pave the way. That is our ultimate aim. On Thursday, we conducted a snap poll across 10 districts of Telangana on our March 6 deadline. All respondents hailed the move. The Congress leaders in Telangana are already coming out openly in favour of a quick resolution to the issue without the SRC.

Professor Warner concluded her lecture by emphasising the importance of continuing to create stories. Storytelling is an action and a way of history-making and in the days of fake news and big data, it is even more paramount. 041b061a72


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