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Command And Conquer Generals 1.08 No Cdl [REPACK]

introduced new faction: colonization. a massive military faction that fought against gla forces in early "raids" of china, where they used and built massive factories to convert the local landscape into terraces that are suitable for farming and productivity. once completed, they would use their own people as slaves to do whatever the colonization would need.

Command And Conquer Generals 1.08 No Cdl

added new faction: raptors. an advanced faction that was once a friend of the gla, but later betrayed them and joined the unsc. they were later captured by the gla and used for testing new weapons and prototypes, and they later formed their own factions such as the colonial colonial raptors (ccr) and the unsc raptors (urc).

the game is based on a strategy of controlling a strategic trench known as the base and contesting territory within it. the game can be played on a computer, on a console, or on the mobile phone. its american version was released in the united states on may 30, 2003, on the pc and the playstation2, and it was later released on the pc and the xbox in late 2003. the game was released on january 22, 2004, in europe and then on june 25, in japan. the game features singleplayer, cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes with up to 24 players. multiplayer modes consist of separate factions, with the singleplayer campaign serving as the tutorial mode for multiplayer.

generals has several primary concepts that it develops further on. it is a real-time strategy game and features a base-building system similar to the westwood's games such as tiberium and red alert where structures may be constructed and customised. a mechanic which also appears in tiberium is the concept of construction sequence which is similar to building order and is called the construction sequence. although the game's units are more diverse, in some ways the concept of using specific orders to build, not unlike the galactic marines of red alert, is retained. apart from the general concepts of the game, the generals series also features many mechanic variations in strategy gameplay, many of which were lost or never known to come from previous command & conquer games. these include changing of the game's era and geographic locations; factions take on different strategies; technology is a major factor in gameplay. the game also introduces new concepts such as superweapons, superpowers, terraforming, ammunition, and the concept of economies and economies in strategy games. although this game's development was based on the original rts games such as tiberium and red alert, a large majority of gameplay systems appeared in star wars: empire at war and in its expansion pack star wars: dark forces, though many gameplay elements are included in the generals series, such as the ability to create force fields. furthermore, although the game has been described as an unconventional rts game, the generals series was a reboot of the series by returning to the rts gameplay in a real-time strategy type game, where all developments are directly affected by the player and it takes place in a shared map.


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