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Hope Springs UPD

Sometimes life is hard! In those difficult seasons when internal and external forces press in it can feel like we are being drained of life and hope. At Hope Springs Counseling Center our goal is to restore hope to individuals and families through compassionate clinical counseling from a faith-based perspective. We seek to provide evidenced-based treatment that addresses the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the individual as a whole.

Hope Springs

Sure enough - we got 15 inches of snow on March 14. There is no way I can dig out for shipping on Monday March 20. Please be patient, we will get caught up! I hope we can get the first round out on March 27. Thank you for your forbearance. See pictures in our News section.

Watching Streep and Jones on screen is like experiencing a master class in acting. Here are two of Hollywood's most esteemed performers playing a couple whose marriage is in need of an everyday type of repair. Their problems don't revolve around something melodramatic like adultery and betrayal; their issues very authentically explore the myriad ways in which a husband and wife can disappoint and alienate each other after three decades together. Director David Frankel doesn't shy away from zooming in on Streep and Jones' lined faces as they reveal the hurts and truths about their nearly broken but hopefully salvageable love story.

On Dr. Feld's couch, Streep and Jones are fantastic, as is the surprisingly serious Carell (who for once isn't playing the manic funnyman). But once Arnold and Kay head back out into the charming coastal town of Hope Springs, things swing from the humorous (like Kay's tragicomic attempt at fulfilling a sexual fantasy at a movie theater) to the cliched (Kay runs away from Arnold to go drink at a local bar). Although it's not the perfect cinematic revelation you'd hope to see from Streep and Jones, Hope Springs is a tender look at what it takes to really fight for a floundering marriage.

The Perry family's first Advent in Hope Springs is a mix of drama and comedy as Sam competes with her best friend to be in the Christmas pageant, Nick hopes to play an angel that actually flies, the search for a Christmas tree leads to danger, and family traditions take on a whole new meaning of joy.It's a time of fun, learning, and wonder that might become the Perry family's best Advent ever. 041b061a72


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