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Offensive Security Awae Pdf 29 [PATCHED]

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Offensive Security AWAE: A Review of the Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation Course

Offensive Security AWAE is a course that teaches advanced web application penetration testing techniques and methods. The course covers topics such as XSS, SQL injection, XXE, SSRF, RCE, deserialization vulnerabilities, and more. The course also prepares students for the Offensive Security Web Expert (OSWE) certification exam, which requires them to perform a full web application assessment and write a professional report.

In this article, we will review the Offensive Security AWAE course and share some tips and insights for anyone who is interested in taking it. We will cover the following aspects:

The course syllabus and structure

The lab environment and exercises

The OSWE exam format and requirements

The benefits and challenges of taking the course

The resources and preparation tips for the course and exam

Let's get started!The course syllabus and structure

The Offensive Security AWAE course is divided into 10 modules, each covering a different web application vulnerability or technique. The modules are:


XML External Entity Injection

Server-Side Request Forgery

Server-Side Template Injection

SQL Injection

Cross-Site Scripting

Remote Code Execution

Object Deserialization

Node.js Deserialization

Report Writing and OSWE Preparation

Each module consists of a video lecture, a PDF document, and a set of lab exercises. The video lectures explain the concepts and demonstrate the techniques using real-world examples. The PDF documents provide more details and references for further reading. The lab exercises give students the opportunity to practice the skills they learned on vulnerable web applications.

The lab environment and exercises

The Offensive Security AWAE course provides students with access to a virtual lab environment that contains 13 web applications with different vulnerabilities and challenges. The lab environment is hosted on the Offensive Security cloud platform and can be accessed via VPN. Students can use any tools or methods they want to exploit the web applications, as long as they do not interfere with other students or damage the lab machines.

The lab exercises are designed to test the students' understanding and creativity. They require students to perform tasks such as:

Identify and exploit vulnerabilities in web applications

Bypass security mechanisms and filters

Chain multiple vulnerabilities to achieve higher privileges or remote code execution

Extract sensitive information or files from web servers or databases

Pivot from one web application to another using SSRF or RCE

Write custom scripts or tools to automate or simplify the exploitation process

The lab exercises are not graded or scored, but they are essential for preparing for the OSWE exam. 9160f4acd4


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