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Abyssmedia Mcrs System 3 6 1 5

So I haven't seen any complete freezing on my PC thus far. Instead, there were a few instances where everything froze for a few seconds, the drive either started working hard, or not at all. Then the system would let go, and I was able to continue doing what I was doing. So there is still something, not sure what it is though.

Abyssmedia Mcrs System 3 6 1 5

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Well, for some reason I lost half of the saved passwords and all add-ons on Firefox, and my Chrome is acting weird. I also get these partial freezes where hard drive would work hard or not at all, but system would freeze for a few seconds and let go. This didn't happen yesterday but the night before. I ran stress test on GPU and played a game. So far so good. But I feel like my PC is being a bit weird with some in app setting acting unusual. Just cant pinpoint what it is. Can it be defender messing with my stuff?


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