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Sony Xperia Apps

It lets you create folders in the app drawer (woo!), create custom tabs to organise apps more effectively (double woo!), but its sexiest trait is that it gives you the ability to set actions and app startup to certain gestures. It also shows missed call, SMS and email counts on the home screen.

Sony Xperia Apps


Most pre-installed apps in your device cannot be uninstalled. Many of these apps are either developed by Sony or Google. For example, the Music, Album and Camera apps are from Sony while Google Maps, Gmail, Chrome, Google Play Music and YouTube are examples of Google apps. Facebook is another app that is pre-installed in many Xperia devices.

Once the sidebar appears, tap the Uninstall button. This will place a red X on any application that can be uninstalled using this method (Figure B), which includes most apps that are installed from the Google Play Store.

I'm sorry to hear this. I recommend that you reboot your device to safe mode. This will temporarily disable all of your downloaded apps, if it works in safe mode it is most likely one of your downloaded apps that are causing this behavior.

I have the same issue with my XA ultra dual. I also did everything you've said here, when i enter safe mode i still cant see my home screen button menu and apps. And when i go to settings>apps>show system>xperia home to clear the data and cache but both are already cleared. Right now im using google assistant to open an app.

I'd suggest that you perform a software repair using Xperia Companion. This will do a clean installation of the latest firmware and will also wipe your internal memory. Don't forget to backup using Xperia Companion, but preferably without adding apps or settings to the backup.

I'm frustrated with my two months old ultra experia dual Sim that I'm not able to access my apps because the home screen is missing and I have tried all the process of bring it back so that I can enjoy my device

Long-press on any empty area on your homescreen then choose "Settings", then find an option called "Hide apps icon" or "Enable swipe up" then disable it.

Reason for my concern is that my old Xperia XZ2C has been awesome, but a bit annoying with these sorts of apps (Facebook + Sony News and a few others) that sit on the storage and waste space, chew battery and system resources... but apparently on the Xperia 5ii there are now several much larger apps (e.g. Call of Duty, which is 2Gb AND another 3Gb update).... plus presumably all sorts of Blizzard launchers, etc... none of which I want on a phone as I have a gaming PC, tablets and consoles for that...

Main concern remains the bloat from the X5ii: really keen to find out if it exists on the X5iii phone before I buy it... or at least if it can actually be fully uninstalled as I don't want several Gb of disabled apps sitting on the phone. I'd prefer to have the Sony hardware and stock Android with a few Sony camera apps, etc.. i.e. the design + core stuff that Sony does really, really well.... there's no need for them to try to add their own "news" software, much less pre-load Instagram, Facebook let alone anything ridiculous like CallOfDuty.... IF I want any of those, I'm pretty sure I know where to find them all (and I really don't want to go down the route of rooting an X5ii so I can uninstall bloat)

Regardless of which one I end up with - one update I have on on the pe-installed apps: I have found a way to remove ANY "locked" bloat from any Android device, so at least the Xperia 5 II becomes an option if I can take off Sony News + Call Of Duty, etc... it is not for the faint-hearted (PC, USB cable, command console).... but it seems pretty straight forward, does NOT require that you root the device and should allow me to remove bloat.

Mine just arrived: I can confirm - CoD and Asphalt are both 2Mb or less initial footprint and can be disabled from the start, so they never "update" (install).... similar story for the 5 different Facebook apps (app/services/messenger/app manager/something else) - they're already there, but they can all be disabled without getting "creative", so 100Mb stoage wasted, but at least they never waste battery/memory/bandwidth.

In 2016, on the eve of the Black Friday sales frenzy in the US, a research firm called Apteligent released a report estimating how much money firms could lose in case their apps crashed on the big day.

This alarming figure shows us the importance of making apps as crash-proof as possible. Your app may not be as high-profile as Instagram, which sent billions of selfie enthusiasts into panic when it crashed recently.

Also bear in mind that, when apps are carrying out complex calculations, your phone may need to free up memory in the middle of the process. With Android devices this is managed automatically by the system, but in iOS it might be necessary to create an auto-release pool.

Releasing apps into the market without adequate testing leads to lots of stability and performance issues. However there are measures that can be tailored to effectively combat bugs when they inevitably arise. Tools like Bugfender help developers test their apps on real devices with real users, enabling them to easily find bugs and fix issues as soon as possible.

You'll now see a long list of apps which have installed either fully or partly to your SD card. Scroll down this list and see if you have any folders starting with 'com.spotify....' such as; '' (4). If you do, long press on it then press the bin button to delete it (5). 041b061a72


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