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1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l

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1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l: A Comedy Drama About the Importance of Education and Life Skills

1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l is a 2015 Indian Kannada comedy drama film written and directed by Naresh Kumar HN in his debut, and produced by V. K. Manjunath. It features Gurunandan and Apoorva Gowda in the lead roles, along with Tanishka Kapoor, Sadhu Kokila, Ananth Nag, Achyut Rao, Manadeep Rai, Giri Mahesh and Master Chinmai. The film's music director is Kiran Ravindranath.

The film explores the importance of academic qualification in life, and the message it conveys to parents who consider only academic achievements result in a successful life. It was one of the most talked movies in 2015, and also tasted tremendous commercial success.

Plot Summary

The film revolves around Raju (Gurunandan), a book-smart student whose father (Achyuth Kumar) keeps stressing the importance of education in life. Raju follows his father's advice and memorizes all his study material to achieve the first rank in his academic career. However, despite being a 1st rank student, Raju gets rejected in his job interview as he has no social or practical skills.

Soon, Raju's father finds him a suitable bride, Sanmitha (Apoorva Gowda), who is the daughter of a company MD (Ananth Nag). However, Sanmitha is not impressed by Raju's academic credentials and wants him to prove himself in other aspects of life. Raju then decides to change his personality and learn some life skills with the help of his friends and a Bollywood actor named Shani Kapoor (Sadhu Kokila).

In the process, Raju faces many hilarious situations and challenges that test his intelligence, courage and honesty. He also meets Mary (Tanishka Kapoor), a free-spirited girl who helps him discover his true self. Will Raju be able to impress Sanmitha and her father Will he realize the value of education beyond marks and ranks Will he find his true love Watch 1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l to find out.

Where to Watch

You can watch 1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l online on Voot[^1^], where you can rent or buy the movie for a nominal fee. You can also watch it on Sway Office[^2^] or Coffee With Codes[^3^], where you can download it for free. However, we recommend you to watch it legally on Voot to support the filmmakers and enjoy the best quality.


1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. A critic from The Times of India wrote that "Director Naresh Kumar has come up with an entertaining film, where the message isn't forced. The casting is quite accurate. Gurunandan as Raju excels. The music, cinematography, editing and re-recording too are commendable. Watch this film for its entertainment quotient and good performances".[^4^]

The film also received praise from IMDb users, who rated it 7.8 out of 10. One user wrote that "This movie deserves to be applauded. Movie has awesome message for students and parents who completely rig the system to meet their goals like 1st rank in the class, getting into the best company. In the process, they might miss the opportunities to create and strengthen relationships with friends and colleagues, having fun and joy experiences of student life, building character to help and understand others etc. I highly recommend this movie".[^5^]


1 Rank Raju Kannada Full Movie 16l is a comedy drama that delivers a powerful message about the importance of education and life skills in a humorous way. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves comedy, drama and romance. It is also a great film for students and parents who want to learn something valuable from it. 061ffe29dd


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