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Gang 2000 Hindi Movie 13

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Gang 2000 Hindi Movie 13

Reissue of the widely viewed 1970 documentary about a free concert given by the Rolling Stones at the Altamont Racetrack in San Francisco, which erupted into violence when fans scuffled with motorcycle-gang members who'd been drafted as security guards. The topic is well-suited to the Maysles brothers, who helped pioneer reality-centered "direct cinema" techniques in their 1968 masterpiece "Salesman" and other documentaries. Here they allow the more sensationalistic aspects of their subject to affect the movie's pace and structure, though, unwittingly demonstrating the impossibility of unadulterated realism in nonfiction film.

> What is the distribution spread of distance of mass shooting victims. > I am under the impression that most people who were shot> were closer than the 60 feet you put as the limit of a handgun.I don't have access to full stats. From press coverage, the two distances appearing most deadly to innocents are close range (where handguns are just as effective as "assault" rifles) and long range (sniper rifles).60 feet is not a hard limit. An untrained psycho armed with a cheap handgun may not be able to aim accurately beyond 20 feet. A highly-trained individual armed with an accurate long-barrel large-caliber handgun may hit accurately beyond 180 feet.From a victim's standpoint, there are three deadly dangerous factors in a mass-shooting situation:(1) Close distance to the shooter. If you can run away, do, as quickly as you are able to, while zigzagging. If you have a kid with you, whom you can pick up and carry away, do it: when adrenalin is rushing, you can run with a lot heavier child than you could imagine in a normal state.(2) Not knowing where the shooter is (sniper). Immediately fall to the ground, curl in fetal position, and put palms of your hands behind your neck, to protect vital arteries supplying blood to the brain. Once you identify where the shots are coming from, slowly crawl toward any barrier between you and the shooter you can find.(3) Being knocked off feet, or being stomped by, other running victims. Be among the first to run out of the area, or among the first to reach a concealment. If you are knocked down after all, curl and protect your neck and head, start crawling only when it is safer to do so. > Against an unarmed crowd a guy with a samurai sword will prevail,> so I am not sure what point is that supposed to make.Crowds not armed with firearms usually use improvised weapons, such as bottles, rocks, bricks, chairs, boxes, sticks, baseball bats, knives, machetes etc. Against one, two, or even three such attackers, a trained guy with a samurai sword may prevail. Against six or more, not likely.Gang and crowd attacks don't happen in real life the way they are depicted in most movies. Instead of attacking one by one, gang members attack all at once. Instead of being inept and slowly moving beating targets for the hero, they tend to be young, fast, street-fights-hardened guys.> This raised another point of trying to ensure that guns civilians have> will be less than what the police have. That is a desired state, but is it possibleThere are people who still strongly object to the desirability of such state. They consider it a component of "police state". It is already achieved in the US though. Police and other law-enforcement agencies have exclusive access to powerful fully-automatic weapons and highly effective protective gear. Not to mention they are better trained and much more experienced in application of force.> 1. Can a gun-owner protect themselves or deter crime against himself It happens routinely. Just not in Palo Alto. That's how they do it in Arizona: Web LinkA recall reading about a raping spree in Orlando, FL in late 1980s and early 1990s, which police had hard time containing. The rapidly growing number of tourists and transients visiting the area made patrolling the territory and tracking the people very difficult. It stopped only afte


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