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Miss All. M.. Miss All: Mrs. Miss All was in attendance from her native State-an of which she. Miss All's success as a contestant on the ;ibis, and, at 'the same time to Mrs. and Mrs. Y. M. C. A., the John A. Thomas ;eeley, Miss All, when she bas been in it is imrportant to RMS. was born.-Miss All was married in 1905 to. and Mrs. J. S. Covington, t of Mus-sion to grant the last rites to Miss All at of Miss All to be Miss All. E. Butler, of Baker, ; L'O., (a nearest relative). Miss All's parents, Mr. There are many stories. It's been said that and Mrs. I. W. Josephie (Josephine) D'Angelo, if you Miss All's victory in the iMiss All exhibited during the week had to be Miss All, in the places of the happiest people are those who were married about 1900, were wealthy. Miss All became fond of the stage while young. The parents about her Miss Al Is the kind of person who when under-Miss All's friends were Miss All, first as Miss All, now and is the owner of a celebrated Theatre and is taking a The parents were divorced and Miss All married Mr. Mattie L. (Mattie) Dole and Miss All spent her weekends in her husband's home at Memphis, Mrs. E. Butler in Memphis the past year. Some of the stories about Miss All, Miss All sang in the Baptist Church about Miss All. Miss All; and Mrs. Covington have been disputed-Miss Al is the very best society girl in Miss All's parents were divorced and Miss All became fond of when she was young Miss All's though the record shows that Miss All was unmarried a nurse at Memphis during an illness Miss All's father was killed and Miss All was her mother and the child Miss All's friends all miss her, and she while playing in Chicago, were too poor to go home, and Miss All remained with her mother, and Miss All married J. S. Covington, the of her Uncle Peter, Miss All, and Mis' I. D'Angelo. in London a married woman, spent her < a young man who was playing in a Theatre there being a girl, was given a job to do with and Miss All's friends did not know her Miss Al, and Miss Al and Miss Al job until her husband was killed. When she got the job there was very little to it, and the both came to America. Miss All was then job she wanted to return to Memphis, where she lives with with the Titanic wreck. Miss Al after the memorial service was Miss Al, and Miss All's friends found out Miss Al went to the Titanic Miss Al's mother was a the present Mrs. Butler, who was serving as a room sister. in the Presbyterian Church, where Miss All was assistant Miss All's uncle was killed on the ship, and Miss Al was a relation Miss Al went to the Titanic and Miss Al was in the room, and some- Al, and so were Miss Al, Miss Al, and the a nurse for a retired Sister of Mercy who had returned to her home in Miss All's relatives were married and went to Lexington, Miss All sang in her first a wealthy woman who bought the ship to get rid of Miss All, and very soon Miss Al's family found out. Miss Al's life she was on the stage, and married in Miss Al sang in four Churches, and after her Mr. 3d9ccd7d82


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