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Blonde Curly Teen !EXCLUSIVE!

Just as your facial forestry demands a good beard oil, so does your curly hair. Pick up a nourishing hair oil, and work it through your locks for an instant moisture injection. This is particularly important for thick, curly hair, since it tends to dry out quicker. Use hair oil after washing your hair, and incorporate a weekly hair mask into your routine for extra hydration points.

blonde curly teen


A blonde dye on short-cropped, naturally, coily, and kinky hair is quite the popular hairstyle today. Dye only the tips and keep the roots dark for a dramatic shadow effect. Prioritize conditioning and use hydrating hair sprays before stepping out. This is a perfect wash-and-go style!

A half crown is the perfect way to style curly blonde hair. Braid sections of your hair on both the sides and pin them at the back. Pancake the braids to give them a messy and voluminous look.

All my fine- and wavy-haired friends who envy the curly ones opt for these stunning curls. Leaving an inch of your hair near the roots, curl your hair using small velcro rollers. Keep them on overnight, wrapped in an old cotton T-shirt. The next morning, take the rollers out and apply some curl defining cream to finish off the look.

Styling curly blonde hair is super fun. But, it is important that you take good care of it to keep it looking healthy. Here are some hair care tips that you can follow to maintain the health and chic factor of your hair.

Blonde curly hair looks stylish. You can experiment with different hairstyles with perfectly looking golden curls. Cute messy curls, braided half-crowns, short curly updo, braid, and half ponytail, braided half top knot, boho crown braid, flipped in ponytail, romantic updo, flower crown, the greek braid, wild curls, and wash out curls are a few hairstyles you can try with blonde curly hair. Oiling your hair regularly and washing the curls with color-safe shampoo if you have colored your hair blonde maintains the look of the hair. 041b061a72


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