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Where Can I Buy Counter Culture Coffee !!BETTER!!

Once an order is processed and shipped, we cannot change the coffee, but with a 72-hour notice from the subscription renewal date, we can exchange your subscription coffee per request by emailing

where can i buy counter culture coffee


We do not accept returns on coffee due to its perishable nature. However, if you have any issues with your coffee or errors in your order, please contact us at within four weeks of receiving your order, and we will find a solution.

If you receive an incorrect order, please check your order receipt and contact our Customer Experience team at within four weeks of delivery. We will implement an immediate fix to ensure that the correct order is shipped to you as soon as possible.

If you are unhappy with a coffee purchased somewhere other than our website, we ask that you contact the original vendor for a return or exchange. If no resolution is achieved, please contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Counter Culture has been a leader in the specialty coffee space since their early days. Each coffee that is available on has an origin story, where readers can learn more about that specific coffee and partnership Counter Culture has across the value chain. The roaster was one of the first to publish an annual Transparency Report that goes in-depth on their commitment to sustainability and price transparency.

"NPR is proud to offer listeners a new way to support NPR's mission while experiencing delicious coffees from around the world," said Jane Scott, Director of Consumer Products at NPR. "NPR listeners are curious and love to know the story behind the story. They'll be able to do this when they join the NPR Coffee Club, since it will educate and inform members about the history, culture, and creation of coffee."

Since its founding in 1995, Counter Culture has been a relentless pursuit of coffee perfection through a dedication to real environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability and a commitment to creating cutting-edge coffee people. For more than two decades, Counter Culture has been a pioneer of coffee quality and sustainability. Their coffee department continues to cultivate relationships with growers and organizations around the world in order to build trust, improve quality, and foster transparency. In addition to providing exceptional whole-bean, freshly roasted coffee, Counter Culture trains coffee professionals and hosts public tastings across the country at their 13 Training Centers with locations in New York, NY; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Washington, DC; Asheville, NC; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC; Emeryville, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX; Miami, FL; and its headquarters in Durham, NC. Served in some of the country's top restaurants, Counter Culture Coffee is available in coffee shops, specialty grocers, and online at Counter Culture also hosts virtual coffee tastings and coffee chats via instagram.

We work with renowned roasters from across the world, elevating their roasting art through our science. Each of our partners are pioneers of coffee culture who wouldn't trust their best beans to just anyone.

I'm going to go out on a limb here, but simply based on one bag, this might be the coffee I would choose for espresso, if I could only use one. Counter Culture Coffee's Hologram might just be my new favorite espresso for a go-to, versatile, just plain good coffee. Described on the bag as, "fruity, milk chocolate, syrupy," this might be one instance where a coffee roaster actually sells the description short. Even their more complete description of, "Hologram is our update of the classic Mocha Java flavor profile. Fruit-forward and chocolatey coffees combine to create something distinctly complex," just begins to hit on how complex but approachable, fruity but balanced, sweet but distinct this coffee really is.

Additionally, Fair Trade USA was once part of Fairtrade International but became an independent organization so it could certify producers not using a co-op model. This opened the door for large-scale coffee plantations to obtain certification, which many in the coffee industry consider to be counter to the original mission of fair trade. 041b061a72


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