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6. Chapter Six: The Spy

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6. Chapter Six: The Spy

In The Outsiders, Chapter 6 represents a major shift in the story. The chapter begins with Dally telling Johnny and Ponyboy that Cherry plans to testify that Bob was drunk and was looking for them when Johnny killed him in self-defense. He tells them that he thinks that Cherry hates him, but Pony thinks she acts that way because she is afraid she will fall in love with him. Johnny tells Dally that he is planning to turn himself in to the police. As Dally is protesting Johnny decision, they see that the church they were hiding in is on fire. A school teacher named Jerry Wood tells them that they were having a school picnic when they saw the flames. Pony believes that he or Johnny left a lit cigarette in the church, causing the fire. When he discovers that children are trapped inside, he runs into the church to save them. Johnny follows Pony.

Chapter Six"Spy upon the leaders of the Iron Throne"RequirementsPrerequisite QuestsChapter FiveLocations and PeopleAreaFlaming Fist Headquarters (start)CandlekeepPeople InvolvedDuke Eltan (start)RelationsFollowed byChapter SevenOther informationAppears inBG; BG:EEChapter Six is the seventh part of Baldur's Gate's storyline, following the Prologue and previous chapters.

But Harriet is also growing up in other ways, as she encounters things, like feelings, that are not wholly "rational." Harriet is an extraordinarily rational, systematic person, and her fascination with spying and knowing all things there are to know illustrate how determined she is to find explanations for everything. Some things, however, do not have explanations. This is what she begins to see in these chapters as she watches Ole Golly fall in love. Over and over, Harriet writes in her notebook that she believes she will never understand love. Coming to terms with the truth that there are feelings and ideas that may never make sense is part of growing up, and Harriet has begun this process. 59ce067264


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