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Mumbai 125 KM Full WORK Movie Hd 720p


Mumbai 125 KM: A Horror Movie That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Mumbai 125 KM is a 2014 Indian horror movie directed by Hemant Madhukar and produced by Nishant Pitti from Easemytrip. The movie stars Karanvir Bohra, Vedita Pratap Singh, Joey Debroy, Vije Bhatia and Veena Malik in the lead roles. It is a remake of the 2003 movie Dead End.

The movie follows a group of friends who embark on a road trip to Mumbai on New Year's eve. As they reach the mile marker 125, a road accident starts a chain of weird events, with each member of their group dying in mysterious ways. They encounter a girl named Poonam (Veena Malik), who turns out to be a vengeful ghost who blames them for killing her child in the accident. Will any of them survive her wrath

Mumbai 125 KM is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its thrilling plot and scary scenes. The movie also features some stunning visuals and 3D effects that enhance the horror experience. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, but it has gained a cult following among horror fans.

If you are looking for a movie that will give you chills and thrills, you can watch Mumbai 125 KM online on Voot[^1^] or YouTube[^2^]. You can also download the movie from Archive[^3^] in HD quality. But be warned, this movie is not for the faint-hearted!

Mumbai 125 KM has been praised for its use of 3D technology and its cinematography by Manoj Shaw. The movie was shot in 82 nights and used a special camera rig to create the 3D effects. The movie also features some original songs composed by Mani Sharma, such as "Tere Bina" and "Ringa Ringa".

However, Mumbai 125 KM has also been criticized for its weak script, poor direction, lack of logic and originality. The movie has been compared unfavorably to the Hollywood movie Dead End, which it is a remake of. The movie has also been accused of being too violent, gory and disturbing for the Indian audience. The movie received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Mumbai 125 KM is a movie that tries to be a horror masterpiece but fails miserably. The movie is a disappointment for the fans of the genre and the actors involved. The movie is a waste of time and money for anyone who expects a quality horror movie.

If you are still curious about Mumbai 125 KM, you can watch the trailer of the movie here:

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