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What you should do? Nothing except continue to certify weekly once you are notified by DOL to do so. Your benefits will be updated automatically.(Please do not call; it will only make it difficult for others to reach an agent.)


You will receive your claim package in the mail verifying you are eligible for benefits. You may also receive an email from us notifying you that your registration has been completed in UI OnlineSM. Once you receive this information, it is time for you to certify for your first benefit payment.

As a result, you will receive a benefit payment after you complete your certification. If you do not receive a payment within 10 days of certifying, there may be an issue with your claim. For more information, visit Claim Status: Pending Payment.

Beginning March 31, 2023, federal contractors will be able to certify the status of their AAPs for each establishment and/or functional/business unit, as applicable. The deadline for certifying compliance is June 29, 2023.

Weekly certifications are an important part of the process to receive benefits if eligible. When you file for benefits the unemployment week ends Saturday at midnight. Weekly certifications need to begin that following week. They can be done any day of each week; the busiest day being Sunday. Also, do not wait for correspondence from our agency to take action. You must certify even if you have not been approved yet. Delay can result in non-payment of skipped weeks.

Before you certify, please calculate any earnings you have earned from last week. (Even if those earnings have not yet been paid to you yet) If this is your first week to certify, odds are, you've earned some amount of money from this past week.

Your claim is dated the Sunday of the week in which you filed your initial claim. The first time you claim benefits will be on a Wednesday, 17 days after your date of claim. To receive your unemployment insurance benefits, you must certify for benefits each week which you wish to receive benefits. You can only certify for benefits after the week has passed. Unemployment Insurance weeks begin on a Sunday and end at midnight on Saturday.

If there is a problem with your claim that must be resolved before benefits can be paid, or if you have been denied benefits and are appealing the determination, you must still certify for and claim your benefits. You will receive "credit" for the weeks which you have claimed. If it is determined that you are eligible or if you win your appeal, you will be paid these benefits at a later date. If you have not claimed benefits and you win your appeal, you will not be paid for these weeks.

mid-14c., "to declare the truth of," also "to vouch for or confirm" (an official record, etc.), from Old French certefiier "make certain, witness the truth of" (12c.), from Late Latin certificare "to certify, to make certain," from Latin certus "fixed, sure" (see certain) + root of facere "to make, do" (from PIE root *dhe- "to set, put"). Also used in Middle English in broader senses of "inform, give notice to; instruct, to direct; to designate." Related: Certified; certifying.

Importantly, not only were the commissioners ordered by the state supreme court to follow the law and certify the results, but they also faced potential criminal liability for their abuse of official authority. The New Mexico secretary of state announced that the office was preparing a criminal referral to the New Mexico attorney general for willful violations of the state election laws by county officers and their willful failure or refusal to perform their duties. As the Otero County example illustrates, election officials who abuse their legal authority, whether by refusing to certify lawful election results or to count lawful votes or otherwise, do so at their legal peril.

Although state laws, when properly enforced, generally prohibit bad faith refusals to certify, federal laws also act as a backstop against refusals to count or certify lawful votes. For example, Section 11(a) of the Voting Rights Act provides:

Once you click Yes, a new task will be created for all full right users to certify the application for the entity. To locate the task, navigate to the Dashboard and select My Pending Tasks. Click the relevant application Ready for Certification task to start the certification process. Follow the steps below to certify the form.

Note: If a user does not see a task to certify the application, either they do not have full rights for the entity, another full rights user has already accepted the task, or the application has previously been certified.

Once you check the box for each certification and complete the CIPA certification, the Certify button will become active. Click Certify and then click Yes to certify your form. When you are done, click Close.

To certify and maintain as a Qualified Opportunity Fund, the entity must annually file Form 8996, Qualified Opportunity Fund with the eligible partnership or corporation federal tax return. You must file Form 8996 by the due date of the tax return (including extensions). 041b061a72


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