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Rocketdock 1 41 Final

AFAIK, yes you can.If you select the "Store settings in portable INI", it'll save it in a ini file inside RocketDockPortable\App\RocketDock\settings.ini. (not sure about the filename)In this way, you can also use the 'portable version' of rocketdock instead of 'RocketDockPortable'.I've got to admit: I did this myself for a while. But then I switched to the version Pyromaniac made But there ain't nu use in having RocketDockPortable, and then store the settings in an ini file, since Pyromaniac chose to use the registry, the ini file won't get copied into the Data directory, like with normal PortableApps.

rocketdock 1 41 final

The "Target" path is relative to the "Start in" path, which is rather unconventional IMHO. So for example, if you have two folders "photofiltre" and "rocketdock" at the same level, and you are trying to specify a relative path to "photofiltre.exe", you should set:Start in = ..\photofiltreTarget = "photofiltre.exe

If you have 40 icons on your desktop than your probably not going to take the time to set up rocketdock/stardock/fences etc. Besides, the reek havoc on any RAM you may have, especially if your using Windows XP.

This is so funny, I spent almost the entire day today looking for interesting icons for rocketdock and such, and even one in particular for like two hours. Searching the deepest corners of the internet, Finally I settled and check out digg. Of course 40 awesome sets, and even the one I was looking for hahaso good =P

Samsung va décidément trop loin, un peu d'imagination ne leur ferait pas de mal...Apple doit vraiment en avoir plus que marre, toutes ces années à innover pour au final se faire de plus en plus copier par la concurrence, c'est vraiment inadmissible!Et si tout cela était la nouvel objectif de Samsung? Copier tout d'Apple peu importe le prix à payer pour proposer du matériel "identique" un peu moins cher pour que les gens ne voient plus l'utilité d'avoir du Apple?


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