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Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen

Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters will be expected to virtually check-in with each other at a frequency of at least once per month. Check-ins will be peer-initiated meetings at times as well as virtual platforms of mutual convenience. The communication should be bidirectional. Older sisters will mentor younger sisters on resilience skills and maintaining wellbeing in medicine, expanding their own professional networks, and developing their mentoring skills. Younger sisters will receive one-on-one assistance from a single point of accessible contact, gain early networking opportunities, and learn about peer perspectives on work-life balance. The program will create a sense of community and increase opportunities for professional development.

Blood Sisters

From the beginning, you only know of the frosty relationship between the Ademola brothers and their mother, as against the warm kind between the non-biological blood sisters share, but we do not know the details. 041b061a72


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