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Lego Buy Bricks And Pieces

In the past, different colours of the same design often had different prices. Now the prices will be more consistent, with some exceptions. Certain colours (like gold and silver), pieces that glow in the dark, and decorated elements will still be priced differently across the same design.

lego buy bricks and pieces


We have received assurance that the uncommon elements available from Bricks & Pieces, such as unique printed pieces, will continue to be available on the new merged platform, although their release may take slightly longer than is currently the case.

@crankybricks said:"Edit: Also, will they fix the issue where if you accidentally order more than 200 between two B&P orders the second order gets cancelled in it's entirety, but only sometimes so it's clearly not automated?"I never knew that. I have ordered 1000s of the same part in the past (200 per order) and never had a cancellation. They even allow you to order larger quantities in one go if you do it by form (but less different parts in one go). So to cancel multiple orders of 200 of the same part seems a bit mean. Unless it is a high demand part or a new part.

Qualifying these parts orders for promotions is definitely a huge positive in my book, as bricks and pieces makes up the overwhelming majority of the money I spend on, and pick a brick has a worthlessly tiny selection of parts.That said, I dont think Lego has ever made an unequivocally good change to their online store, and they usually make things unequivocally worse, so any change to a service I rely heavily on is always a *little* worrying to me. In particular I'd be worried about reduced part availability for the good stuff (ie everything not in pick a brick), and knowing Lego a somehow-even-worst UI wouldnt surprise me. Cant imagine I'll see any reduction in the 3 - 6 week delivery times I get as an Australian either.All-in-all, cautiously optimistic is the best I can give this.

This all sounds like a very very good move; I'm a little apprehensive in case the existing range of items on Bricks and Pieces will be reduced as part of this merge (i.e. more specialised pieces only available if there is a quality issue but not for general purchase).I also hope this mens that it will be easier to do phone orders that are needed when ordering out of stock B&P elements for back order their database is easier to navigate so you won't have to read out the long element ID for each thing you want (unless of course the ability to back order OOS items is added in to the new platform!).

Wow after 9 years of collecting Lego as an adult I never knew about bricks and pieces. Having a quick look it seems much easier to find missing parts for sets and was pleasantly surprised to see some plate pieces in old grey from the 2002 USC Imperial Star Destroyer in stock. Might be able to get some sun damaged pieces replaced yet!

@Mitchsmini said:"Wow after 9 years of collecting Lego as an adult I never knew about bricks and pieces. Having a quick look it seems much easier to find missing parts for sets and was pleasantly surprised to see some plate pieces in old grey from the 2002 USC Imperial Star Destroyer in stock. Might be able to get some sun damaged pieces replaced yet!"I am pretty sure that the pieces that are available are not in old grey, but in bluish gray. Otherwise I would be very interested to know which ones those are.Please bear in mind that Lego often uses other names for colours than BrickLink!

this seems good! I had no idea about bricks and pieces until late last year and it's been a huge boon for my mocs. hopefully this merges the best things about both and doesn't end up being like when they converted VIP points...

@Mitchsmini said:"Wow after 9 years of collecting Lego as an adult I never knew about bricks and pieces. Having a quick look it seems much easier to find missing parts for sets and was pleasantly surprised to see some plate pieces in old grey from the 2002 USC Imperial Star Destroyer in stock. Might be able to get some sun damaged pieces replaced yet!"They also released that set in light bley and those are the parts in stock, not classic old grey.

I just wandered over to online Pick A Brick for the first time a few weeks ago. I wasn't very surprised to find higher prices than BaP for the same pieces there, and I'm also not very surprised to see that they're merging the platforms. I'm honestly surprised it didn't happen sooner! Hopefully prices don't increase too much, and I'm excited to get pieces more easily (and have them count towards GWPs)!

I found 'Pick a Brick' has a limited range (1400 pieces) of fixed colours, just an extension of the buckets in the Lego Shop. 'Bricks and Pieces' is more extensive and easy to navigate via set number if don't know the design ID, but always 'out of stock' for the most popular pieces in discontinued sets. Overall I can see the former just disappearing. I don't think Bricklink needs to worry as both sites are more expensive, with less pieces and 5-week delivery delays?

The best feature of Pick-a-Brick is the ability to choose by colour (I mentioned/recommended to Lego to offer that capability to Bricks & Pieces numerous time). If we can choose by colour on the new platform then, to me, this will be one of the best move this company has made in recent years - they had many screw-ups but I'm always ready to give credit when credit is due - but first, let's see if this option will be available. Imagine going there and asking: of all the pieces that are currently in production, show me everything in (let's say) sand green. Then you can see what's available and plan your moc accordingly. I never suffered anything about the 200 limit - I usually order pieces by the 000s and it is split about 40/60 PaB/B&P - It was however a pain to check each part on both platform to find the cheapest and delivery times were horrendous. I am cautiously optimistic.Now the next thing we need is: Lego starting producing parts in colours in high demand on Bricklink. I.e.: For each parts on Bricklink there is a value of how many parts people have placed on their wish list for each and every colour (available or not)

Huh, this is a bit surprising. I knew that the experience was sometimes annoying, but I would've thought they'd decide to slash it rather than trying to revamp and improve it, given that it seems to require a tremendous amount of effort to sort everything on their end. I'll be interested to see how this plays out; currently appreciate the large selection of pieces they offer, even the more uncommon ones, so hopefully those aren't removed from the system to make it more streamline.

It was about time they merged these two categories. I am a part of LEGO comunnity for nearly 7 years and I still can't tell the difference. not shipping in Greece for the majority of these 7 years didn't help either. At least there are somereally basic pieces (really really basic - bricks, slopes, plates, tiles mainly) on but nothing compared to other countries where sheep, mammoths, elephants etc could be ordered. Hopefully by merging those two categories worldwide, we can have a full pallet of pieces in our part of the world too.

I'm part of the engineering team responsible for building out these improvements and I wanted to say that we're loving the feedback, comments and engagement! We're super keen to get these changes into your hands and rest assured we'll strive to take your suggestions of board as we continue to grow the loose brick offering. :)A few things I can clarify based on the comments I've seen so far:The reason BAP and PAB are separate offerings is just a left over from those services being developed by different teams with a fair bit of time in between. The desire to merge them has been in the pipeline for a while but we are thrilled to finally be able to make this offering a simpler, more streamline process.You will indeed be able to take advantage of all the search and filtering functionality of PAB for both Bestseller and Standard bricks. Searching by set number will be possible and we have worked to improve the search consistency in general. Overall it should be easier to find what you are looking for!This update will only be for the brick buying process currently. Requesting free replacement parts for missing or damaged bricks will still be something offered as part of the customer help service as it is today.Hope that helps. :)

I hope this doesn't remove parts that would otherwise have been available, like some of the hair pieces and minifig torsos that only appear in one set currently.I also fear a price increase for many parts rather than decrease.

Sounds good to me! The first time I tried ordering pieces from Lego irritated me to no end. Obviously I caught on pretty fast, but I still thought the system was weird. These new changes should be great!

The Pick-a-Brick selection has the more common pieces that aren't specific to sets whereas on Bricks and Pieces you can get set specific pieces that are more uncommon such as minifigure parts from a (non-licensed) theme. Since the Bricks and Pieces parts are more specialized they are usually more expensive than Pick-a-Brick, so don't get basic bricks from Bricks and Pieces.

Besides the previous answer, I would also add that Bricks-and-Pieces was intended to be a replacement service for missing parts, broken parts, etc. from a set you have bought. While Pick-A-Brick is for buying generic loose pieces. Thus the interface and they way to identify the parts you want, as well as the selection, is very different.

At Choose-a-Brick, we pride ourselves on offering a vast selection of high-quality individual LEGO bricks, LEGO parts and LEGO pieces online for sale. Whether you need basic bricks, specialty pieces, or rare parts for your latest project, we have almost everything you need to bring your vision to life. You can search our LEGO pieces store and parts section using the MPN code or the LEGO elemental codes or by description. We have a very fast search engine installed. 041b061a72


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