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Anthony Nguyen

Perfectdisk125build312keygen Free

if you are generating keys for a set of files, you are not required to select a virtual disk keygenerator unless you want to add a vdi keypair to a selected file.


Download Zip:

  • select the "vdi included in file" check box to allow adding vdi keypairs to a selected file. then select a file to include.

  • select the files you want to include.

  • select the check box next to vdi keypairs, and then select "compress file".

vdi keypairs for individual vdis can be used by vmware workstation to connect to them. alternatively, multiple keypairs can be placed in a single file and then used to connect to all vdis included in that file.

  • this release contains the newest tools for perfectdisk and bootkey. new features: perfectdisk - new over-night btrfs rootfs option, and new locks for use with cf switches and pbms

  • perfectdisk - new "vboxx64" "rootfs" mode, when installed to usb or other partition, perfectdisk will create a "vboxx64" rootfs on said partition.

  • bootkey - fix for cf switches and pbms, now asking for pbms when needed

if you are an advanced tweak developer, these tools are very complex and security sensitive. you should not tamper with them directly. to help moderate this a little, they are provided with the build so you can install and play with them. there are two ways to install the tools. the first is to extract the release and use 'perfectdisk' and 'bootkey' in a terminal, once they are installed, simply run perfectdisk125_install_helpfultweaks.


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