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The Clash's Sandinista!: A Triple Album Masterpiece

In 1980, The Clash released their fourth studio album, Sandinista!, a sprawling triple LP that showcased the band's diverse musical influences and experimentation. Sandinista! was a bold and ambitious project that challenged the conventions of punk rock and the music industry. The album featured 36 tracks, ranging from punk, reggae, ska, dub, rockabilly, rap, gospel, jazz, and more. The album also included guest appearances from singers Ellen Foley and Maria Gallagher, musician Tymon Dogg, and Jamaican producer Mikey Dread, who co-produced the album with the band.

The Clash agreed to forfeit their royalties to make Sandinista! a triple album for the price of a single one, a decision that was motivated by their anti-capitalist ethos and their desire to give their fans more value for their money. The album was named after the leftist Nicaraguan rebel group that overthrew the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza in 1979, a political statement that reflected the band's support for revolutionary movements around the world. The album cover featured a cartoon by Steve Bell depicting the band members as guerrilla fighters.

Sandinista! received mixed reviews from critics and fans at the time of its release, some of whom praised its adventurous scope and creativity, while others criticized its length and inconsistency. However, over time, the album has gained more appreciation and recognition as one of The Clash's most daring and influential works. Sandinista! was certified gold in three countries and ranked #407 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time in 2012. Some of the most notable songs from the album include "The Magnificent Seven", "Police on My Back", "The Call Up", "Washington Bullets", and "Charlie Don't Surf".

Sandinista! is a rare example of a triple album that manages to be both eclectic and cohesive, showcasing The Clash's musical vision and versatility. It is a testament to the band's artistic integrity and courage, as well as their commitment to social justice and global solidarity. Sandinista! is not only a great punk rock album, but also a great musical document of its time.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Sandinista! is the amount of creative input and collaboration from all the band members. Unlike their previous albums, where Joe Strummer and Mick Jones were the main songwriters and vocalists, Sandinista! featured contributions from bassist Paul Simonon and drummer Topper Headon, who wrote and sang some of their own songs. Simonon wrote and sang "The Crooked Beat" and "The Call Up", two of the most memorable tracks on the album, while Headon wrote and sang "Ivan Meets G.I. Joe" and "Look Here". The album also showcased the band's musical skills and versatility, as they played various instruments such as keyboards, harmonica, saxophone, trumpet, violin, and melodica.

Another notable feature of Sandinista! is the inclusion of several dub versions and remixes of some of the songs, which added a layer of sonic experimentation and innovation to the album. Dub is a genre of music that originated in Jamaica, where producers would manipulate and alter existing recordings by adding effects such as echo, reverb, delay, and distortion. The Clash were influenced by dub pioneers such as King Tubby and Lee "Scratch" Perry, who also worked with Mikey Dread. Some of the dub tracks on Sandinista! include "One More Dub", "Silicone on Sapphire", "Version Pardner", and "Shepherds Delight". The album also featured some unconventional tracks such as "Mensforth Hill", a backwards version of "Something About England", and "Career Opportunities", a re-recording of their earlier song with children singing.

Sandinista! is a testament to The Clash's artistic vision and courage, as well as their commitment to social justice and global solidarity. Sandinista! is not only a great punk rock album, but also a great musical document of its time. ec8f64


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