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VirtualDJ - Denon MC 3000 Enhanced VDJ8-Mapping by djragman

It also has some rather handy functions, like having a dedicated switch called "Dev 2" which lets you go from one Deck to the next without stopping your Show. What's also rather nifty about the Dev 2 is that its exactly the same as the existing faders, so you can map those in as well. It also has a switch called "Venue Mapping" which enables you to tell it which Deck is "Cue", "Play", "Line" and "Spin" for that extra control, as well as have individual controls for each deck.

denon mc3000 virtualdj mapping

The Denon MC-3000 is a compact DJ controller that can control four channels despite having only two faders. It also has line-only timecode support and sample deck functionality. It also has the usual complement of hot cues, FX controls and sample triggers.

Denon MC3000 is one of the first DJ controller with built-in CDJ support. So this is a huge advantage, especially for my need. I only have CDJ320 and it can play with standard CDJ remote. But after when I try to read from the disc, it can not recognize the discs, too. So I cannot play CD until I connect my laptop with my DJ controller to my Denon MC3000. So for my need, I prefer to use Midi decks instead of CDJ decks because it is easier to connect to my laptop.

What would set Denons MC3000 apart from the crowd is what is basically a DJ-friendly alternative to the Xone: Controller. In addition to all of the high-end hardware-based features, MC3000 comes bundled with some of the best software features any DJ can ask for.

The Denon DDJ-MC3000 is a digital mix / DJ controller. DJ-friendly multitrack mixing software provides a seamless set of tools to perform beat mixing, beat matching and beat production. The Beat Function includes a Freeze function which allows you to Freeze one track on-the-fly and effectively and which uses a new Freq Matching function which can be used to find a song that is closing in to a specific frequency in a beat.


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