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Jason Hinterweger

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CD key info: Yes your Desura key will also work on steamand for people that don't know where your CD key is do thisin desura(client) go to ''Play'' right click the game(bloody trapland) and click ''View CD Key'' it should be thereor just go to (you need to be logged in)and you can find all you're CD keys here: (still need to be logged in)to add a CD key you can open desura(client)>>login>>click the blue desura logo in the top left and click ''Tools''then click ''Activate Game CD key or Gift''to find your CD key in steam: Right-click Bloody Trapland in LIBRARY and click View CD keyto add it on steam go to ''LIBRARY'' and down in the lower left corner there should be a ''+ ADD A GAME'' click it andthen click on ''Activate a Product on Steam'' and follow the instructions. (Just use the same CD Key)

Bloody Trapland Cd Key Generator

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