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Good Grammar Book Michael Swan Free ((EXCLUSIVE)) 12

Great post. I just shared this on my blog, twitter and facebook. So many of the mistakes in this infographic run rampant in social media and blogs. Text messaging and web grammar are ruining languages in my opinion. Thanks!

good grammar book michael swan free 12

I did search your site for kindle book recommendations but only found one: The Ultimate Guide to CELTA and because it was listed with Kindle Unlimited, I managed to receive it for free through the Amazon US site.

These are the questions I receive from my students and online all the time. So, I have decided to compile a list of the best books for English grammar. You will find here the reference books as well as grammar courses for different goals and levels.

A collection of practical exercises from one of the best British grammarians, Michael Swan. The book will teach you all the important structures using real-life examples. There are three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

I also recommend it to those who are preparing for English exams (like IELTS or CAE). Along with the books written specially about exams, this one will help you with completing the gaps and creating a clear grammar system in your head.

Why not try Mango Languages? This online learning tool helps you learn a new language with lessons on vocabulary and grammar accompanied by exercises. You can even create an account to track your progress. It's available for free with a valid Toronto Public Library card.

Supplementing the coursebookThe coursebook (if there is one) generally won't provide enough work on key points. More practice will be needed in class, using groupwork and pairwork. Out-of-class work (corrected or self-access) using good grammar practice materials can also help a lot.

Thank you for your article on How to Teach Grammar. I found it enlightening. I guess grammar is "my thing" too. I have also enjoyed your presentations in the past (TESOL-France). Please let us know when your practical grammar course book appears as I want to hear more!

I'm confused when I come to teach a " Tense " . Because some grammar books tell me to start with the structure then the use then some time expressions relating to the tense. Then I end with some examples and exercises. Some other books advise me to start with examples and try with my students to get the rule and use and together we generate examples and exercises.

Seriously though, I find that the majority of students actually like learning grammar; grammar provides them with a sort of comfort zone: they need to know why something is this way and not another. The problem is that a lot of teachers, especially native, aren't very comfortable with teaching grammar because they don't know the rules! This is why your book, Michael, remains a bible to many of us. It's true; I find that, generally, non-native teachers have a better grasp of grammar.

Recently, I bought a book on Grammar and was surprised to find that the authors strongly emphasised the fact that there is no such thing as 'good' grammar and 'bad' grammar, but it was only a matter of appropriateness. This then caused me to wonder if this were to be true then what really are we suppose to teach. And, do we even need to teach grammar at all then.

Hi michael. I liked your methods which you use to teach the grammar. Useful exercisesyou use in your methods. If anybody weants to be a good teacher surely, I suggest your three golden rules to them. GOOD LUCK

All the areas discussed in this book are covered in the above, though sometimes in rather obscure terms. Of the three the Longman Grammar is the most user-friendly. There are numerous other descriptive grammars which are shorter and more accessible to a wider audience; one is The Oxford English Grammar by Sidney Greenbaum (1996, Oxford: OUP).

These are aimed at advanced L2 learners (and their teachers). They cover most of the areas in this book but are not designed to be used as a course in English grammar for university students (though they may supplement one). Here are three well-known examples:


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