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Captain Marvel Image High Quality

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first images from Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" on Wednesday. They feature the first look at Brie Larson as the title character and of the shape-shifting aliens called the Skrulls. But never to be forgotten is Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, and the Fury we see in "Captain Marvel" isn't one were familiar with.

Captain Marvel image


Much of the opening few minutes, for instance, lacks that high, almost granular crispness that the most pristine 4K images can deliver - a situation not helped by some very heavily saturated color tones.

Now, filming on the upcoming Captain Marvel 2 has reportedly wrapped. Shared to Twitter by The Marvels News, an unknown crew member posted a photo of a crew hoodie with The Marvels' logo embroidered on it, alongside a clapperboard that appears to be signed by some of the film's cast. The crew member also captioned the image "160(ish) days later and we've only gone and wrapped this up." As the shoot has been shrouded in mystery, many fans were delighted at this confirmation that Captain Marvel 2 would likely now enter its post-production stages. Check out the post below.

A new image posted to Twitter from the Funko collecting community supports previous rumors and expectations that Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) will make an appearance in the upcoming Ms. Marvel series on Disney+.

It's not exactly clear when the photos were taken but it looks like they were captured on the Vormir set from AVENGERS: ENDGAME. There was some confusion early on about these images because Larson's Carol Danvers doesn't play a role in retrieving the Soul Stone, which is located on Vormir. While there was speculation that maybe she was involved in a deleted scene, this was not the case. The photos have been seen before but Larson's Instagram caption explains that this was her first time in complete Captain Marvel attire, which was done for a camera test. Larson goes on to explain that she was still figuring out all of her moves when the photos were taken in the post pictured below: 041b061a72


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