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If you are a fan of the SOULCALIBUR series and continue to wait for the next entry in the game series, I'm not sure why you are here. However, if you have not played them before, please read through the information and decide if it is worth your while. Unfortunately, this entry is very similar to the last two games. It includes many of the same additions as the last two titles and delivers another fast-paced action-heavy game full of zombies and pirates. It is set to release on April 12th 2020 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so let's take a closer look at this final entry in the series:

If you have played SOULCALIBUR V before, you will notice a few changes that make this title more accessible. The most significant changes are the addition of two new modes that allow players to alter the game's difficulty settings. Players can now choose Easy, Normal or Hard mode. In Easy mode, enemies will be the same across the board. The game will use fewer assets and won't have any special conditions. In Normal mode, enemies will have many more traits and abilities. Players will encounter some of the same problems they had in the previous game but with more options. In Hard mode, enemies will be stronger, the learning curve will be tighter and more enemies will challenge your skills in combat. After activating the new mode, players can adjust it to their liking by pressing the Y button. After activating it, the player now has the ability to decrease the difficulty by double tapping the D-Pad left or right as well. If the game has been too easy, the player can lower the difficulty. If the game has been too hard, the player can raise the difficulty level. This mode is completely optional and not required to enjoy the game. The game will still remain challenging. 3d9ccd7d82


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