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Many people feel a need to teach their daughters about life in order to give them a feel of safety. Traditionally this is accomplished through lectures, discussions, and carefully prepared plans. However, a woman who has felt Aphrodite within has probably experienced the inability of well- meaning parents, elders, and teachers to teach her what she needs to know in order to better identify and deal with what she experiences. She must learn how to deal with Aphrodite herself, and cannot depend on others to teach her how to sort out and assimilate a confusing life. Were a woman who has depended on her parents to teach her, and as a result neglected her own inner resources, doomed to be frustrated by life, unless she acts as an individual and finds her own voice.

By relying on someone else to feel Aphrodite and teach her how to cope with it, a woman not only may fail to get real insight into her experience, but may also actually undermine her own ability to deal effectively with the situation. She needs to be taught how to take responsibility for herself. Only she can recognize when she feels Aphrodite within, and only she can take steps toward resolution of the problem. When she does this, she will find her life fulfilled in ways that otherwise seem to be only imperfect.

Some women, having received an education and a background of social stability, feel a need to seek assistance from the social system. Learning to deal with Aphrodite within is a choice, and she can make that choice, as can her girlfriends. Friendships with women who have had similar experiences with Aphrodite are an ideal way to learn, but a woman who feels she cannot depend on her friends will be frustrated. 3d9ccd7d82


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