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Lincoln Rogers

Stranger Things 3x1 UPD

Later,m towards the end, Jonathan and Nancy free a possessed Mrs Driscoll from the hospital so that she leads them to the base. However, things go south pretty soon and the gang finds themselves in a huge mess.

Stranger Things 3x1

The number works, but just as Hop and Joyce are about to turn their keys, the Goon Who Will Not Die returns for one last showdown. He and Hopper fight out on the platform next to the machine. When Hopper kills Gregori by throwing him against the machine, things start to go haywire and Hopper is trapped on the platform.

Robin and Dustin think the green goo could be something like prometheum as the four of them walk down the very long hallway that the elevator opens on to see what is on the other side. When Robin asks why the Russians would even want to be in Hawkins, Steve and Dustin start to put things together. They eventually arrive at the heart of the operations and sneak into a room where Steve beats up one Russian man. Robin follows flickering blue light up some stairs, calling the rest of the crew, and once they look through the glass doors to the machine spitting out a laser ray into the telltale crack in the Upside Down, Steve and Dustin know what is happening. 041b061a72


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