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Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End

Players will have to face off again Davy Jones, his Flying Dutchman crew and the villainous kraken in addition to the Chinese pirate Sao Feng, cannibals, other pirates, and the East India Trading Company.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End

Just when he's needed most, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), that witty and wily charmer of a pirate, is trapped on a sea of sand in Davy Jones' Locker. In an increasingly shaky alliance, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley), and Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) begin a desperate quest to find and rescue him. Captain Jack's the last of the nine Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court who must all come together united in one last stand to preserve the freedom-loving pirates' way of life. From exotic Singapore to World's End and beyond, from Shipwreck Island to a titanic battle, this adventure's filled with over-the-edge action, irreverent humor, and seafaring myth and magic.

Mass executions of pirates and pirate sympathizers are underway at Fort Charles in Port Royal, at the behest of Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander), who begins his War Against Piracy as he gains control of the Dead Man's Chest. Among those waiting at the gallows is a young cabin boy (Brendyn Bell), who begins singing a pirate shanty, Hoist the Colours. The song is picked up by the entire assembly, and its final line ("Never shall we die") continues to resonate as the singers are hanged. The boy's piece of eight falls to the ground.

As all the pirates get ready to fight, they see the horizon filled with Lord Beckett's massive fleet and became dumbstruck. Jack calls for a temporary parley, and he along with Elizabeth and Barbossa, go to a small sand bar to meet up with Beckett, Jones, and Will. Jack's deal with Beckett is revealed, and in a fit of anger Barbossa slashes his sword at Jack, cutting off his Piece of Eight. Jack the monkey quickly grabs the piece. Elizabeth decides to trade Jack for Will. Jack is turned over to Jones, just as he had planned. As Barbossa, Elizabeth, and Will walk away Jack the monkey secretly hands Jack's Piece of Eight to Barbossa. Seeing an easy way out of the battle, Barbossa then frees Tia Dalma/Calypso and asks her to help in the battle between the pirates, Davy Jones, the Royal Navy, and the East India Trading Company with Will revealing Jones' betrayal of which she was unaware. However, Calypso disperses and Barbossa sees their last hope lost.

However, Elizabeth didn't give up hope and tells the other pirates to "Hoist the Colours". As both fleets prepared for attack, a violent maelstrom emerges between the two fleets, implied to be the work of Calypso. The Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman then steer into the storm and battle each other fiercely. During the battle, Davy Jones takes command of the Dutchman completely when he kills Mercer and takes the key to his chest, but is caught in a fight with Jack Sparrow who escapes the brig thanks to a trick Will taught him. The two crews of both ships eventually leap of the Dutchman and the Pearl and do battle. During this, Elizabeth and Will are joined in matrimony by Captain Barbossa while fighting the crew of the Flying Dutchman. While Barbossa is busy decapitating a crew member of the Flying Dutchman, the two ship's masts crash together.

Therefore, Will is now the captain of the Flying Dutchman. Elizabeth is heartbroken, thinking Will is dead, but as the Flying Dutchman emerges from within the sea, Will is alive and the crew has returned to normal. The pirates of the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman then turn to face Cutler Beckett, and blow his ship apart, sinking it down to the watery depths. Beckett himself is consumed in the explosion and his body is blown overboard.

The pirates emerge victorious, but learn that the Flying Dutchman must stay in the undersea-world and can only come to shore for one day, every ten years. Will frees his father, but Bootstrap Bill decides to remain with his son on the ship of his own free will. Will and Elizabeth spend their "last day" together on a beach and she promises she will wait for him and keep his heart safe. After discovering that Barbossa has made off with the Black Pearl, Jack sails off in a dinghy. Barbossa attempts to show the crew where the Fountain of Youth is on Sao Feng's charts, but he discovers a large chunk has been removed from the charts by Jack himself. Jack begins his voyage to the Fountain of Youth himself singing, "Drink up, me hearties, yo ho!".

Following Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl's success in 2003, the cast and crew signed on for two sequels to be shot back-to-back. For the third film, director Gore Verbinski wanted to return the tone to that of a character piece after using the second film to keep the plot moving. Inspired by the real-life confederation of pirates, Elliott and Rossio looked at historical figures and created fictional characters from them to expand the scope beyond the main cast. Finally embellishing their mythology, Calypso was introduced, going full circle to Barbossa's mention of "heathen gods" that created the curse in the first film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End features nine iconic Pirate Lords, and a chunk of them are inspired by quintessential historical pirates. The franchise's third installment sees each Pirate Lord unite to form the fourth Brethren Court to confront the growing threat of Cutler Beckett and rescue Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker. The Brethren Court featured in Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End is based on the Brethren of the Coast, a real-life pirate confederation and a further example of how the franchise blends fact with fiction and mythology.

During Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End, it is explained that the Brethren Court were the governing body of pirates, only usually convening to eradicate organized threats to their seas. For example, previous Brethren Courts united together to bind Calypso and create the Pirate Code. Similarly, the nine Pirate Lords that make up the Brethren Court are also inspired by historical counterparts. While the term Pirate Lords is used solely for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, there were a variety of fierce pirates throughout history who seemingly ruled the seas. Here are the nine Pirate Lords and the pirates on which they are based in POTC 3.

Prior to becoming a member of the Brethren Court in Pirates of the Caribbean, Ammand led the Barbary Corsairs, a loose affiliation of Muslim pirates who robbed the ships of Christian infidels. This led to Ammand becoming a wanted man for his crimes against the church, alongside his piracy along the Barbary Coast. In Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, he is shown to settle matters through violence rather than diplomacy, even dueling Jack Sparrow to get out of having to attend the Brethren Courts meeting.

While other Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court are more loosely inspired by historical pirates, Ching is more directly based upon the victorious pirate queen, Ching Shih. Ching Shih was also known as Zheng Yi Sao and was active in the South China Sea from 1801 to 1810. She first came into power after her husband, a pirate named Zheng Yi, passed away, and she took over his pirate confederation. Similarly to the film, Ching Shih's ships came into conflict with the East India Company.

Jocard is one of the few pirates within the Pirates of the Caribbean who has a rich backstory despite only appearing a handful of times. Jocard was originally known as Gombo, a chef who was sold into slavery. Eventually, Jocard led a slave revolt, and upon fleeing, he met Jack Sparrow, who offered him a place on the Black Pearl. Jocard was eventually discovered by the enslaved people he helped to free and became their new pirate captain, building a notorious reputation for himself.

Due to his backstory, it's possible that Jocard is based on Caesar, who was enslaved and eventually became the leader of a small fleet of pirates. Caesar operated during the Golden Age of Piracy and even served on Blackbeard's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. However, his backstory is subject to a lot of myths, which makes it harder to examine him historically though his slave trade origins and brute strength and intelligence are widely agreed upon.

Jack has been stated to be based on John Ward, who is one of the most legendary pirates to come out of the Golden Age of Piracy. Like Jack Sparrow, John Ward was also incredibly eccentric and able to get himself out of a variety of messes that he found himself in. Jack is also uncannily similar to Calico Jack, the unlucky pirate who is best known for having two female crew mates, Mary Read, who was initially disguised as a man, and his lover, Anne Bonny.

As one of the oldest of the Pirate Lords and Brethren Court, Eduardo Villanueva is regarded as a veteran by his peers and doesn't hold any of the younger pirates in high regard. Eduardo Villanueva aided the Brethren Court a handful of times during his time as a Pirate Lord and became quickly known for his short temper and aggression. The East India Trading Company primarily wanted him for pilfering gold and piracy.

Like Chevalle, there are various Spanish pirates on which the Pirate Lord, Eduardo Villanueva could be based. However, it is more likely that he was inspired by Don Benito or even Amaro Pargo, a raider who was one of the most iconic figures during the Golden Age of Piracy. It's also worth noting that his last name is a reference to Admiral Don Miguel Augustin de Villanueva, who was captured by the British, another way in which Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End paid homage to legendary pirates.

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