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Where To Buy Cheap Brooches

Get 480 pins and brooches for one unbelievable price! 40 dozen! We are closing out the styles shown in the picture plus many more! You will get a wide assortment of styles! Outstanding quality, you will not find anywhere for this price of $4 per dozen!

where to buy cheap brooches

At Cheap Wholesale Jewelry we love to provide our clients with the best merchandise available. Our wholesale jewelry products are available at the lowest prices possible. Our time and experience in the industry give us an edge over many other jewelry wholesalers and help us offer deep discounts you won't find anywhere else on fashion jewelry and name brand items.

Don't let our name fool you! We don't just focus on the cheap price of our inventory...We pay attention to quality as well. All of our products, from our plated silver and plated gold jewelry to our Austrian crystal pieces, reflect quality, durable materials that both you and your customers will be satisfied with.

Planning a wedding or event is a big job. It can be expensive and many are on budgets. You can use buckles and brooches to add some bling to your wedding décor. Event Decor Direct offers beautiful wholesale wedding brooches and sash buckles for sale. We will help you choose the buckles and brooches that fit your wedding décor. Our staff is helpful and friendly and we promise you our buckles and brooches will be up to your expectations.

So, the hunt was on. And after reading so many hopeful sources of where to buy brooches in bulk, I found too many reviewers feeling jilted on their bulk accumulation of wedding brooches that turned out to be cheaply made, poor quality, or seriously unfit for a wedding.

A strand of pearls and these beautiful brooches team up to make one of the prettiest chair decorations ever. Just get pearl strands for decorating and your favorite rhinestone and pearl brooches. I can imagine these tied to the backs of chairs at a head table or sweetheart table. I especially love them on the backs of these Chiavari chairs.

One of the most-asked questions in our inbox whenever we talk about brooch bouquets or fake flower bouquets is where to buy brooches in bulk to make them yourself. Brides love to make their own (last-forever!) brooch bouquet or add just a few brooches to a fresh flower bouquet for a statement piece.

The variety of brooches from Totally Dazzled are perfect for making your own brooch bouquet. You can make your own complete bouquet with these brooches, one of these jeweled bouquet holders, these bouquet pins, and add a larger foam ball like this to keep it secure. 041b061a72


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