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Arma 3 How To Use Binoculars !!EXCLUSIVE!!

When playing as the commander of an M41 Bulldog, especially when in first-person only, it can be difficult to operate the tank since when you open the hatch to let yourself out, instead of being able to take out your binoculars/fire your weapon (like pretty much every other tank in the base game), you end up stuck manning the M2 Browning.This is really annoying since a tank commander needs to peak out of the tank to scout and designate targets with the binoculars for example.The use of the M2 Browning should be an option, not something mandatory as it is now (and it's not very realistic), it breaks the tank gameplay when you want to play realistically.

Arma 3 How To Use Binoculars

Handheld rangefinders are unable to toggle a thermal vision mode (unlike laser designators), but they are able to activate a night vision mode which makes it superior to conventional binoculars carried by most infantry squad leaders and officers.

solution: stop going lonewolf. if you have a teammate to cover your sector having the binoculars up wont be a problem. and if you keep getting shot get a better tactic rather than blame everything on the developers. i admit its not flawless though, because if you take fire in real life you can always just drop the binoculars.

Having an animation to bring out the binoculars is a good thing. I'll dress you up in full battle-rattle and time you putting your weapon into a safe position, unfastening a pouch, taking the cups off the ends of the binoculars and bringing it out. You will lose that race to the ArmA animation every time.

However once the binoculars are out, you really should be able to move all about with them in your hands. Say firing brings them up to your eyeballs and firing again lowers them. Hopefully it can forceOptics at the end of the raise to eyeball motion and then return to non-optics when the binoculars leave your eye. Whether your binoculars are up to your eye or not, or looking through the 2D optics mode or not is a very tricky issue when it comes to how you look to others, not blocking your vision with the model when not looking through, etc.

Good luck with that. In my experience its not possible to remove the NVGs from the action menu, so I'm summising it will be the same story with the binoculars, that is, unless something monumentally huge has happened in the last 5 days that my absense has caused me to miss.

Binoculars are quite realistic already in OFP and ArmA, I don't like anykind of quick eagle eye which is available anytime you want and as fast you want, it isn't realistic. I guess binoculars are made like they are only becouse they are bulky in real world. It really isn't easy to take them out from pouch and but them back, it takes time. Especially army binoculars have tight hardcase leather pouch to prevent shaking and hits, so it takes time to pull them out and look around. Then you really don't want to move with them in muddy or dusty environments especially if you are crawling, just becouse lenses get dirty very easily and it really takes long time to wipe all mud/dirt off from lenses when they get dirty. Main idea is to use them wisely. Binoculars are only used for observation in long ranges, not in close range firefights. Use binoculars only over 300m range and from consealed spot behind cover, then you will be more safe from rifle fire.

First when you check your observation spot, you must look that there isn't any grass preventing your view, so you don't have to move anymore when you take your binoculars out. You could do this kind of preview by zooming with your rifle sights.

Yeah I won't even use binoculars because the way they're handled in the game right now. Been killed so many times in mp trying to use these things. I am for a modern binocular system. ArmA and it's future sequel won't suffer from having binoculars like in Stalker. Realism is great but taking it too far isn't. This is definitely a sacrifice we can all make to make ArmA and BIS future games a little bit better for everyone.

Hi all,first of all I really enjoy Tank Crew, it has great potential and has come a long way imo, thanks!I think a lot of us like to play the commander role, and reading several posts and threads I think that we all can agree that atm the command menu is not flexible enough to fulfill the commander's needs. I would like to propose a solution which imo could work nicely:1. Add the command menu items as bindable inputs. Each player will find several of these that he uses most often and binding them directly could eliminate menu navigation.2. And imo most importantly: please add binoculars for the commander, which could include a binocular commander quick menu. However this is achieved, just to illustrate, an idea would be to have some very basic commands, that can serve for a plethora of fast reaction situations, but are quick to navigate and execute. I'll just go by the example of using a mouse for this:a) Bring up the commander binoculars (realistic but powerful binoculars), that have an aiming center point.b) click right mouse button and a scroll menu opens, including the following commands, which could be selected by MMB scroll and activated with left mouse button click: 1. Move /

7. Turret: this command makes the gunner turn the turret simply into the direction of binocular center without engaging anythingEach command for driver and gunner respectively should completely override any previous command, for example attack target 1, but target 2 moves into view, command "attack target 2" and gunner immediately drops target 1 and shifts to target 2 etc.. Or as an example for driver: fallback has been engaged, the driver is reversing, but instead of clicking the now available "stop" option, you just click move, and the driver stops, sets to fwd gear and starts driving towards the move command...It does not necessarily have to be mouse and scroll menu, although I find this would be the easiest and quickest for the player, but the important part is to have this set of quick and easy basic commands that immediately override any previous command. With the above selection of commands in my opinion the commander would be able to react to almost any situation quickly.The absolute bonus would be to implement a second such menu for the platoon commands that follows the exact same outline.I hope these ideas make sense and give some constructive fruit for thought for the further evolution of tank crew, commanding is a particularly fun position, and would in my opinion benefit from such a binocular based quick menu a lot. Thank you very much for taking it under consideration.EDIT: this is meant as an addition to the main command menu, not to replace it. in combination with such a quick command menu, the main menu imo would be fine as is.EDIT 2: I forgot to mention that this option kind of exists with left clicking the red circle while command menu is open, this brings up a sort of quick menu, but imo it is still a bit more time extensive to navigate as opposed to above, has not the same immersion and precision as binoculars and mainly poses the problem that once the clickspot is chosen, all actions are tied to it. The binocular menu should be flexible also so that the command is executed in relation to where the center was when the command was clicked, if that makes sense.

I used the scroll menu just as an example as it is easy to explain, in terms of 123... A command rose is great of course and preferable. The quickmenu however should be onestep commands though, and the most important imo, tied to binocular use. For example if you do not have the HUD showing (with i), you do not see where the red circle is, and as mentioned above, "click where you aim" gives the biggest flexibility. Like I said, keep the menu as is, but add a quick menu to give those general enough orders for fast reaction situations. It does not have to be always a complicated string of commands, which a real commander would maybe cost two words "back, slow!" instead of open menu-> movement -> backwards ->open menu again -> movement -> speed -> slow speed. That's 1 rl commander action comprised of 2 words vs a 7 step player action. Just point and drive helps in these cases, while you can still use fine management in less hectic moments. Immersion wise the current "just zoom in the view" without binoculars is also a bit of a show stopper imo. Additionally the commander should have access to a compass, which could for the sake of gameplay be included at the bottom of the screen when binoculars/periscope are used, similar like in Hell let loose for example or silent hunter, etc. Yes, it is not 100% realistic, but if done elegantly, those are realism trade offs well in favor of gameplay, to be considered at least.And one huge downside, if I may add, atm, is that commands are not immediately overwritten, but I suppose that is a bug. Say I command "attack target 1" and then command "attack target 2" the gunner will only attack target 2 once target 1 is destroyed, etc, as mentioned in other threads.Another ease of use addition would be the simple movement commands of fwd, back, left, right with the arrow keys, where each up arrow is from stop to slow to half to full and down arrow back to half to slow to stop to reverse, and left and right each press gives you 10 in either direction. (Accompanied by the commander voice command "forward, slow!" "forward fast!" with each press. This, too, is not meant for sole use, but as an addition where stuff like that helps when situations get hairy.All that said, I think tank crew is already feeling great, and the potential shows. Driving a Tiger never felt so good. ? 350c69d7ab


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