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nevertheless, there is a sense that the pandemic has reduced the scope for organizing a major protest by the b40, a possibility that was made clear in the lead-up to 1 april, the date the ban on public gatherings was lifted. indeed, the damage to the economy remains incompletely understood, as is its effect on the political economy of malaysia. what is clear, however, is that four lessons hold for ph in strengthening their state capacity and developing a strategy to handle the coronavirus:

the coronavirus has caused many malaysians in this deeply polarized context to make hard choices. most of these leaders from the b40who are worried about their economic security, everyday life, and political lifehave turned to umno as the only answer to their pains. umno has continuously neglected its electoral mandate and instead served as the platform of capital for these leaders, forming an informal bn shadow government in turn, as many bn component parties are seeking to shift the electoral balance toward umno. umno rarely offers meaningful, sustained responses to challenges, but this is not the case with the b40. they have, in contrast, provided very robust and systematic responses to the coronavirus, as they could not imagine that ph would be able to win the next election and thus need to strengthen their rule with few resources.

the social and economic consequences of this polarization have fueled anger, not only among marginal groups, but also among average malays. a 2005 survey of rural malays found that a large majority viewed malays as second class and vernaculars as less educated, less intelligent, and less cultured. only one in three urban malay respondents agreed with this assessment. as low social status was associated with hopelessness, anger, and a tendency toward harmful behaviors, such social deterioration has become a major potential source of mass instability. tensions between moderate and extremist political parties also have contributed to instability and self-defeating competition for power. 3d9ccd7d82


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