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Best MIUI 11 Third Party Theme For Redmi Note 5 Pro Or Ai

Some theme manufacturers produce pretty nice themes for Xiaomi devices. These themes, which consider tastes and wishes of the people, are the ones we can call the best. Here are the top MIUI themes we chose as xiaomiui editors:

Best MIUI 11 Third Party Theme For Redmi Note 5 Pro or Ai


Free icon packs are available, but you can bring your own third-party packs if you'd like. A wide array of themes is perfect for setting and forgetting if you'd rather avoid digging into the details. The only caveat here is the price. At $8.99 for the pro version, it's a bit steep. There is a free version if you want to try it before splurging.

These days, third-party keyboards can be found on iOS as well, and there is no shortage of options. A recent trend in software keyboards is packing in tons of features, themes and even search functionality into the lowly keyboard.

Redmi is a sub-band of Xiaomi which brought users many suprises with low price and powerful perfermance. As a Xiaomi Redmi user, have you ever been wondering how to enable Developer options and USB debugging on Xiaomi Redmi 3/2 or Redmi note 3/2 when you are updating ROM or rooting your devices or get access to other third-party program. 350c69d7ab


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