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I recently got a great album called "King Crimson Songbook Volume 2" by the Crimson Jazz Trio. This is an eclectic jazz piano trio doing their own creative arrangements of King Crimson tunes. I only recognized one of the songs, so you don't have to know these to appreciate the album. It's just a fantastic trio. Duke Ellington recorded a Beatles album in the '60s that I don't think has ever been reissued. I remember it (vaguely) as pleasant and lighthearted, but not a compelling jazz record. For a humorous take on '60s hits, there's an album called "The Big Ones" by Ted Heath. Actually Heath had nothing to do with it. It's Roland Shaw's wacky arrangements played by a studio band. Shaw didn't get to choose the tunes, but he did a good job of turning them into big band music, played with great verve by the anonymous musicians. 1e1e36bf2d


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