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Date A Live III Episode 12


Find the spirit, date the girl, make her fall in love, seal the deal with a kiss. Like its predecessors, Date A Live III continues the story of Itsuka Shido and the crew of the Ratatoskr as this strange boy capable of sealing the mysterious spirits finds and helps the girls, both old and new, while starting to uncover the mystery of the spirits and their origin.

Date A Live Watch II: Kurumi Star Festival will tell you the story of the worst spirit. This anime is all about meeting up and starting a new relationship. Here, the worst spirit meets Shido. That spirit asked Shido for a date.

Well, this Date A Live movie will tell you about the last date between Shido and Tohka. During that date, Shido happened to encounter Mayuri. Mayuri was not an ordinary being. Mayuri wanted to be friends with Shido.

The series was first announced on the Inanimate Insanity Direct that was broadcasted on AnimationEpic's YouTube channel on April 1, 2021, the 10th Anniversary of Inanimate Insanity. The first episode was released two days later, on April 3, 2021.

Sometime after the events of Hatching the Plan, nine fan-selected contestants received VIP invitations under the guise of seeing Spoiled Lemon, a popular band, playing live at a vacation resort. Once they arrive on the tropical island called Paradise, the invitations are revealed to be fake, and the contestants are swindled into yet another competition hosted by MePhone4 alongside nine brand new contestants, for a total of eighteen contestants split into three teams of six, eventually named The Sinkers, The Thinkers and The Pinkers. The teams were later rearranged into two teams of six in Episode 7. The teams then compete in various challenges created by MePhone4 in the familiar style of the previous seasons. The team that loses is then up for elimination, while the two other teams are safe from elimination.

At eliminations, contestants will vote for who they would like to eliminate from their own team. The contestant with the most votes is eliminated and sent to Indefinite Island where they are given the choice to remain for a chance to rejoin the game, or leave. Although viewers cannot vote for contestants to be eliminated, they are able to vote for one contestant from each of the three teams after every episode to be given immunity and be safe from elimination. Voting is held at and usually has a window of about a week after every episode airs.

The Date A Live 4 episode 11 release date on Crunchyroll will be Friday, June 17, 2022. Even after four seasons, the anime is still going strong with a sizable international audience, so below is a set of release times in various time zones:

July 1, 2022 should be the release date for the English dubbing of episode 11, as the English language version is two weeks behind the Japanese one. The French dubbing is one week past that, and the Spanish dubbing is two weeks past that. As you might suspect, all versions of the anime are also restricted behind the premium paywall.

Hello, and welcome to today's unfeasibly early The Voice liveblog. Yes, it's barely even afternoon, but The Voice has shunted itself forward to avoid a clash with Britain's Got Talent. Will this affect the acts? Will anyone be watching? Will you lot be as catastrophically drunk as you usually are? The uncertainty is killing me.

Happily, though, after last week's damp fart of an episode, we should be back on track tonight. It's another evening dedicated to and Tom Jones. They're the best two coaches, and they have the best performers, so I might not lose the will to live 20 minutes in this time around. You may remember that Hannah Berney and Ruth-Ann St Luce were eliminated last week, for respectively being a bit anonymous and sounding like a smoke alarm being dissolved in acid, but forget that. Tonight is all about Team Tom. It's all about Team Will. It's all about this liveblog being done by 7:45 so I can have an evening to myself for once.


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